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  1. cruiser enthuiser

    Builds Mark’s FJ62 RE-Build – Morphing an 80 series running gear, a fj62 body, and a LS powerplant

    Digging the red! Youre gonna get some speeding tickets for sure with that engine and color combo :steer: What are you using for the undercoat?
  2. cruiser enthuiser

    Tan and Blue; or a story of I have no self control- bought two fj60's at the same time

    Welcome to the sickness! Sounds like you’re off to a good start with both trucks. The first Cruiser I ever purchased was a tan ‘82 FJ60. Just something so classic about a dune beige Land Cruiser. Still got it too. These trucks do spark a lot of conversations (and envy) wherever you go...
  3. cruiser enthuiser

    17x8 bastard factory wheels

    I would seriously dig this for some 17” wheels with 4.5” backspacing. Getting ready for an 80 axle swap you know...
  4. cruiser enthuiser

    Honey Badger build while dd (not dd anymore)

    Awesome! Total respect for taking on that project in the middle of winter And I dig the inflatable paint booth! Painting a truck is no small feat, good job man. -Ed
  5. cruiser enthuiser

    Even more 60 Series love...Wits' End Clamshell Upgrade

    I’m in for a clamshell. -Ed
  6. cruiser enthuiser

    The Desert Ditch 62

    Badass truck man! So cool to see those options, can’t believe the back seat AC! -Ed
  7. cruiser enthuiser

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    F‘kn Awesome!!! I need this on my truck! Let me know when the rear kit is ready to ship Jason. I’m in! -Ed
  8. cruiser enthuiser

    Builds "Chunk+12ht" version 2.0

    I vote the factory spoked wheels powder coated. Truck is gonna be bad ass man, keep it coming! -Ed
  9. cruiser enthuiser

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    thanks for the link, I’ll read up. I’m using the City Racer LEDs. -Ed
  10. cruiser enthuiser

    Trail Tailor Offerings

  11. cruiser enthuiser

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    So what is that and how’s it work? I would love it my high beam indicator worked with my LED headlights. Thanks Ed
  12. cruiser enthuiser

    FJ60 LS conversion and trail tailor coil conversion

    Watching :popcorn::beer:
  13. cruiser enthuiser

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    Not usually a fan of hood scoops but that one looks really nice.
  14. cruiser enthuiser

    Trail Tailor Offerings

  15. cruiser enthuiser

    Builds The Escape Wagon Build

    Nice. I would Like to replace these in my column. 35 years of use I think it’s probably due. -Ed
  16. cruiser enthuiser

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    I went skiing at local resort Mt. Rose as I do most weekends this time of year. I just happened by their gift shop and spotted this awesome magnet in the shop window: The bezel is even right side up! They only had the one left. Too bad I would have bought their entire stock 🙂 Cheers! -Ed
  17. cruiser enthuiser

    Builds Warhorse-LS3 C&C & more

    Amazing as usual! Dig those headlights. Did you mention which ones they are? Cheers! -Ed
  18. cruiser enthuiser

    Builds Project Snowball❄️ 85 FJ60 4BT Cummins/ NV4500/ SOA/OVERLAND/ Crater Lake Property

    Good stuff man. Truck looks awesome and love that you're using it for family adventures where memories are made. Perfect. Never skied Mt. Hood, gotta get up there some time. Those views are awesome. cheers! -Ed
  19. cruiser enthuiser

    FJ62 vs Tornado

    Damn shame man. That was a clean rig. I’d be pretty bummed if that happened to mine, feeling for ya. -Ed
  20. cruiser enthuiser

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Nice TRD Pro Wheels! Just did my water pump this weekend, albeit on a 5.3l, cause it was peeing coolant everywhere I went. I hope I don’t have to see fluorescent green fluid for a very long time. -Ed
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