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  1. Redgrrr

    Parting Out  91 Fj80 body/interior/electrical

    Only offered this week possibly in to the next for teardown and parts request. I only have a short time available to pull parts later this week. And the first part of next week. I’ll save what I know sells that’s small. Post up what parts you need and their location sooner than later. I’ll...
  2. Redgrrr

    For Sale  FJ40 Center Console (late model)

    Late model console $150 Haven’t seen one of these for sale in awhile and I’m not gonna use it like I planned.
  3. Redgrrr

    For Sale  Toyota wrench clip (new)

    wrench clip new in bag $15
  4. Redgrrr

    For Sale  Scan Gauge 2

    Scan Gauge 2 $70
  5. Redgrrr

    For Sale  FJ40 Chrome Package...

    Bought these used on here few years ago and not gonna use. $50
  6. Redgrrr

    For Sale  80 series driver side rear tail light

    Drivers side rear taillight for sale. $40
  7. Redgrrr

    For Sale  FJ40 ambulance door inside cover plate.

    Inside cover for fj40 ambulance doors. $10
  8. Redgrrr

    For Sale  FJ40 metal Defrost guides

    Fj40 metal defrost guides. $40 per set Original chipped white or red primer.
  9. Redgrrr

    SOLD  9.5” pinion bearing kit from Nitro

    Nitro gear and axle pinion bearing kit. I ordered the wrong stuff and need an 8” high pinion bearing kit for my 80 if the rare chance someone has that they wanna trade. $80 shipped sold
  10. Redgrrr

    Wanted  Non US air cleaner housing for 2F 1983 fj45 troopy

    Best picture i could find of a late model, if anyone has a better photo of what i need please post it.
  11. Redgrrr

    MUDShip  Salt Lake City to Denver area. Winch

    Anyone traveling this route in the next month? Need a winch brought to the Denver area. Need a 8274 warn winch transported.
  12. Redgrrr

    91-94 interior switches and ashtray

    Dash switches and ashtray. $45 for the lot Please call dibs in thread and Pm if interested.
  13. Redgrrr

    SOLD  91-94 center diff lock switch.

    $40 Please call dibs in thread and pm if interested. Sold thanks
  14. Redgrrr

    Cutting down rear elocker axle shafts

    I know there is a thread documenting this but I can’t find it.. I’ve even linked it in the past for others looking for it...I’ve tried every combo of words I can think of google wise. This mod is for when you break a inner axle near the diff and the broken axle part expands and you can’t get it...
  15. Redgrrr

    SOLD  FJ80 Jack and tool kit

    Factory jack and tool kit for an FJ80 $75 this is sold thanks
  16. Redgrrr

    For Sale  Fj40 Tire and jerry can holder

    This came on my troopy when it was imported from Australia. Im going back to a spare under the bed as I don’t wheel this truck to hard. $200 plus the ride.
  17. Redgrrr

    SOLD  15” steel wheels

    These are the wheels that came on my Troopy from Australia. I went back to factory white fj40 wheels. The offsets appears to be the same but sticks out farther due to the wider wheel. $150 for all 5. Located in Rapid City South Dakota. I could probably get them to Denver if someone local...
  18. Redgrrr

    For Sale  SD. Fj60 brown glove box door

    Fj60 glove box door. $25 please express interest here and PM me if interested In Buying so I don’t miss a response to the thread.
  19. Redgrrr

    For Sale  Fj55 rear heater

    FJ55 rear heater. I bought this for my trooy not realizing that it had the bump on the bottom that sits down in the 55 floor pan. It was pressure tested by the previous owner before I purchased and comes with all four clips that hold the top on. $130 or best offer. I also Cross posted this in...
  20. Redgrrr

    For Sale  Rear heater

    FJ55 rear heater, I bought this thinking I could use it in my troopy and didn’t realize it had the bump in the bottom that the Fj55 floor pan has... it has all four clips that hold the top on and was pressure tested prior to my purchase. $130 OBO
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