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  1. Mike NXP

    Toyota OEM belt frayed stitching

    What do you all think about the attached pic? This belt is a few weeks old, all pulleys and alignment of pulleys seem good to go. >> Toyota parts guy said it seems normal and another belt they had was similar and of course if I wanted a new one to send this one back. I'm not sure what to think...
  2. Mike NXP

    How does your 100 series ride in town?

    Just wanted to have a fun thread about ride quality in the cruiser, so like the title says, how does your 100 series ride? I run a stock ride height rig with new toyota shocks up front and fox shocks in the rear. Medium OEM springs to handle a bit of weight, but man I feel every bump in the...
  3. Mike NXP

    100 series suspensions options. Tested OEM VS Fox2.0

    I wanted to do a quick post to talk about my experience with different suspension setups on the 100 series. Of course this is going to vary on a lot of things, how much added weight do you have and what type of driving do you do being the big 2. My driving is 20% on road 60% washboard forest...
  4. Mike NXP

    Rear end collision , is my frame bent ?

    So I was rear ended at a stop light by a Subaru doing about 70mph who never touched the brakes. Very long story short now I suspect my Panhard Bar and frame are tweaked ( along with a lot of body damage) Unfortunately I have nothing to compare to, so before I go crawling under someone cruiser in...
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