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  1. cps432

    Manifold end bolts

    Does anyone have the part number for the manifold end bolts for an 87 2F?
  2. cps432

    Water pump pulley... weights???

    I've removed the pulley from my old water pump and was cleaning it up before reinstalling it on the new pump when I noticed these. They look like roller bearings from a wheel bearing set. They seem to be stainless steel and seem to be packed in with dirt. One of them popped out and I'm not sure...
  3. cps432

    TOYOTA, more than ever before...

    More than ever before... she needs some lovin' -The Band Wagon build thread- My name is Chris. I bought my truck February 2016. It's been my DD ever since. Sold my 05 Mustang and never looked back! When I got her she wasn't passing emissions and the rear diff was worn out, so I talked the guy...
  4. cps432

    Throttle body spacer

    I'm in the middle of a carb rebuild and I need to clean an old gasket off of the throttle body spacer. Someone used black sealant to adhere the surfaces and I'm lost for how to remove it. Can the spacer go in the carb dip or is it some kind of plastic that will dissolve in solvents? Any ideas...
  5. cps432

    FJ60 Spring Hanger Problem

    Hey everyone, I have a spring hanger on my '87 FJ60 that seems to have taken a massive hit. It was like this when I bought the truck a year and a half ago. I didn't realize it was this bad until I tried to pull it apart today. I though I could just hammer it back into place, but it seems to...
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