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  1. pirateslair

    OME Shocks for 07 FJ Crawler

    Just ducked under my 07 to get the stamped model number of the OME shocks. No Go! So much rock rash on all four they are unreadable. Does anybody know the model numbers for front and back for the 3" OME lift? Thanks Ken
  2. pirateslair

    Who has the best world market OEM FJ60 carb that answers their phone?

    Trollhole apparently doesnt answer their phone or Facebook posts. Where can I get a quality rebuilt world market FJ60 OEM carb? I'd also like some quality customer service for associated questions. Thanks
  3. pirateslair

    Wanted  '83 FJ60 Non USA Air Cleaner Canister

    I'm looking for a world market air canister, including duct and carb cap. Please text me at 209 918-5066 or email I have UPS account if that makes it easier. Thanks Ken
  4. pirateslair

    Maximum Carb and Air Filter Suggestions '83 FJ60

    I'm researching the ultimate carb/air filter kit for a '83 FJ60 stationed in Tchad, Africa. There it is used as an Ambulance, Hospital supply truck, and general physician transporter into the community. It currently has an aftermarket carb and "performance" air cleaner. No bueno. This is NOT...
  5. pirateslair

    '72 Restore Question

    Can anybody tell me how to find out if my '72 came with long jump seats or short? With a roll bar or not? Seems it is a weird year when a lot of changes were afoot. thanks
  6. pirateslair

    FJ40 PTO propeller shafts and aftermarket exhaust systems

    Does anybody know if there are any aftermarket exhaust systems that allow the PTO shaft to remain in the rig? For the cost of a bombed out original manifold I could be looking at a Spectre or equivalent, but none that I've found leave room for the shaft. Ideas? Ken
  7. pirateslair

    Stock Rim Color Code and other grey paint without factory code

    After a long search, and I mean long, for a legitimate Toyota color code for stock rims (steelies) I can attest there is no existing factory evidence for it. However, in the immortal words of Sean Connery, "never say never". However, in the vacuum of written evidence and a myriad heap of...
  8. pirateslair

    Wanted  '72 Tire Carrier Catch Hook--Right Side Needed

    All I need is the catch hook for my tire carrier! Any condition or color or mild rust is ok. I will provide shipping label. ken@pirateslair text: 2 09 918 5 06 6
  9. pirateslair

    Stock Rim Color Code for the love of all things good!

    Does anybody have the stock grey PPG, Ditzler, Nason or DuPont codes for stock rims (1972 '40) ? Everywhere I look I only get names like Pewter and the mysterious " T1147", or a sixty response thread that talks about anything but the damn codes! Even doesn't designate rim...
  10. pirateslair

    1980 PTO winch

    Help! Will a 1980 PTO winch work on my 1972? Thanks! Ken
  11. pirateslair

    10/'71 Bench Seat Mounts Question

    Ok I've been all over the site and inter web looking for a picture of the bench seat mounts for my 71. I know that my bench seat is thru 9/71 but I'm getting the feeling that my 10/71 had some half year issues in areas or its just a 72 model year. It may have come with the three back bench of...
  12. pirateslair

    Best Selling Colors for Resto

    I'm slowly restoring my wifes '71 '40 and it was originally white. The previous owner shabbily painted it red. But as I add parts back to it I'm not very happy with all the shiny emblems on a half-a$$ed red paint job. So eventually I'll cross that bridge of what will be the best color for that...
  13. pirateslair

    For Sale  ProComp 33x12.50x17 Mud Terrain x 1

    I have one brand new tire that was the spare before I went to the Treadwright recaps. It has been stored in my FJ shed for about 10 mths and is in perfect condition. I'm willing to trade too! I have two '40's and an FJ so if you're creative... I also don't need to remind you how much these...
  14. pirateslair

    Wanted  Original Year Hardtop for 1962 '40. In Cali if possible., 209-586-3691 or PM
  15. pirateslair

    Wanted  1/2 Life or better AT or MT 33x10.50x15 in Cali x 5

    Have a backup '40 that isn't used much but still want some good tires. Looking for AT's MT's or Desert. If you have stock hubcaps that's a plus! 33x10.50x15 only please. (209) 586-3691 or PM me.
  16. pirateslair

    Wanted  33x10.50x15 AT's Fair to Good Shape CA.

    Have my new (old) '40 steelies. Need fair to good shape AT's. Prefer BFG but I'll take suggestions. Need five matchers. Low usage rig so I can afford an older set as long as I'm not hydroplaning when I hit some dude's chew-spit on the road. Looking for hubcaps too. Please call or email...
  17. pirateslair

    Wanted  WTB: ProComp Extreme Cast 17" FJC Wheels in CA

    Five if you've got'em. Need a second set for my winter tires. Pics please. Prefer CA and can pick up. Please contact me by phone or email. Ken 209-586-3691
  18. pirateslair

    WTB: Stock Steelies for '71 '40 Central Cal

    No frills. Stock '40 rims with Caps if possible. Fair to good shape. Can pick up in most CA areas. Please call or email: Ken 209 586-3691
  19. pirateslair

    Tuffy Box for FJ Cruiser FS or Trade in Central CA

    I have a good-as-new Tuffy Drawer with dividers for my FJ Cruiser that we just don't use. I'd rather sell it or trade it out for any of the following: 5 Excellent Mid-time 33x10.50x17 All Terrains or metric equivalent with half or better tread. Metal Tech tube bumper, tube doors, or sliders...
  20. pirateslair

    Why I think the ARB Roof Rack Sucks

    I'm usually not one to complain, but I'm just irritated at my ARB roof rack. 1. The nice plate steel side rails with sexy roof line contour and FJ Cruiser knockouts also keep ice and snow from sliding out from under the rack. Nor can you use a broom handle to shove said ice out either side. The...
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