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  1. Putins4x4

    Cruiser Sighting Thread

    I just saw this hundy parked at Giant Eagle market district
  2. Putins4x4

    Land Cruiser Heaven 4x4 Shop?

    Man, If you are to subcontract a Mechanic be aware and supervise every thing that hes doing....... Safer to take it to a different place and save yourself the headache of dealing with such a s***ty guy.
  3. Putins4x4

    Cruiser Sighting Thread

    Can’t wait to see it on the road, congrats!
  4. Putins4x4

    Land Cruiser Heaven

    “Doing business in Colombia is very different than doing it in the US.” This plus his previous excuses were he lays fault on Colombia rather than his shady practices is what lead me to make that comment.
  5. Putins4x4

    Land Cruiser Heaven

    Shame on you for blaming Colombian people for your ineptitude.
  6. Putins4x4

    Cruiser Sighting Thread

    What was the asking price?
  7. Putins4x4

    Land Cruiser Heaven

    You should. People like him need to be taken out of business. I said it before, Francisco AKA “Frank” is a cancer in this community
  8. Putins4x4

    eBay  LX570 outside Chicago

    Hey everyone, I currently own a 80 series and I’m in the market for a 200 series for my wife. Has anyone seen this one of have any insight? Lexus LX570
  9. Putins4x4

    Dealer  2006 gold FJ100 for sale by dealer

    Hey guys, I'm curious to know if anybody has any insight on this truck. It's at a dealer in Nashville 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser
  10. Putins4x4

    eBay  2007 White LC eBay seller.

    Has anyone seen or or has any input? 2007 white LC
  11. Putins4x4

    SOLD Ohio, 100% Rust Free 05 100 series

    Where in Ohio?
  12. Putins4x4

    Cruiser Sighting Thread

    60 series Colorado license plate going down on King Ave. We should coordinate another meet-up soon!
  13. Putins4x4

    Cruiser Sighting Thread

    I believe that’s Ross, he came to the last meetup
  14. Putins4x4

    For Sale Seattle, WA 2009 LX570 on 35s, extremely clean and maintained

    I PMd twice and still no answer
  15. Putins4x4


    I sent you a PM.
  16. Putins4x4

    Wanted  electrical wires for driver seat 94-97 80 series

    Hit me up if you have a fully functional wire harness for the driver seat of a 94-97 80 series. I need them shipped to 43209 Thanks
  17. Putins4x4

    eBay SEPA: 2006 LX470 (questionable listing)

    I actually had a deposit on this car. At first glance it looks like a decent dealer with a great inventory, I started doing some light research and he send me all the wire transfer info. My research showed he either ran under different names (not only himself, but his business too) or he had...
  18. Putins4x4

    eBay SEPA: 2006 LX470 (questionable listing)

    What’s a fair price for this? I mean it is 1 owner and low mileage. Side impact is not very compromising if fixing is done properly right?
  19. Putins4x4

    For Sale 2003 LX470 Eastern, NC

    Undercarriage pics?
  20. Putins4x4

    Wanted Best place to get FJ80 exterior door moulding / trim?

    I pulled the trigger and got them new. It makes a huge difference!
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