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  1. 4dmalamute

    Who makes this rear bumper

    Just picked up this rear bumper from a mud member up in Placerville (thanks again, I am stoked on the bumper!). Trying to figure out who makes it? It is stout and professional looking in quality. Any ideas?
  2. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  Rear tire carrier for FZJ80 needed

    I am looking to purchase a used rear tire/bumper carrier for my 1994 FZJ80. If anyone is parting out or wanting to sell theirs please let me know. I am located in Sacramento Ca. and can drive a couple hundred miles if need be. Cheers!
  3. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  80 series rear tire bumper/carrier

    Looking to purchase a rear tire carrier/bumper for my 80. If you know of anyone selling please let me know. I am located in Sacramento Ca. Cheers!
  4. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  Stock tow hitch 1991-1997 fj80/fzj80

    I gave mine away years back to someone who needed it and now, well, I need one. If anyone is getting rid of one for a inexpensive price (karma) please let me know. I am located in Sacramento Ca. and can travel a bit to pick up if needed. Thanks so much, Cheers!:beer:
  5. 4dmalamute

    Picked up these sliders today....

    I have a 1994 cruiser and I found these sliders (great shape) that were on a LX450. I know the year is different so the bracket next to the cat on my rig is gonna hit (I am having a friend mod the cat location for me). I was wondering though, are these Hannah sliders or? I will get some pics...
  6. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  1994 fzj80 hitch or rear tire/bumper and sliders

    I am looking for a stock hitch for my cruiser (I gave mine away years ago doh!) or if possible, a nice rear tire carrier bumper. Also, if anyone is selling their sliders (1994 so has different cat design) let me know. Cheers!
  7. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  80 series rear bumper with tire carrier

    I am looking to see if anyone wants to part with a aftermarket rear bumper with a tire carrier? I am open to anything at this point, just need to get the spare tire (37 inch) out of the inside of the rig and free up some space for my dogs. I am in Sacramento Ca. and can drive a couple hundred...
  8. 4dmalamute

    54mm Hub Nut...where to purchase?

    Just went to every auto store and to Harbor luck. I have tried searching but havent found much on where to purchase the socket (54mm nut to get the hub nuts off to replace front bearings). If anyone knows or can offer advice I would appreciate it. Cheers. Chans
  9. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  FZJ80 sliders or rear tire carrier or Roof rack Wanted

    Looking to see if anyone is selling for a decent price some sliders, roof rack and or a rear tire carrier for a FZJ80 (1993-1994). Just starting to build up the rig (damn I miss my old one) and I am on a budget is all. Thanks and let me know if you have any of the items. Cheers!
  10. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  FZJ80 sliders or rear tire carrier

    Looking to see if anyone is selling some sliders (for a decent price) that will fit a 1994 FZJ80 or a rear tire carrier for same year/style. Tight budget here but willing to see what you have. Let me know! Cheers!:beer:
  11. 4dmalamute

    Picked up a 1996 4runner

    Howdy all, I just wanted to say that I converted over from the landcruiser world to the 4runner world recently....I picked up a 1996 4runner with 124k miles. The rig has new 285 wranglers on it, OME 3inch lift, timing belt etc done, and I just put a magnaflow exhaust and had the valves adjusted...
  12. 4dmalamute

    SLEE interior rear tire carrier

    Hey I have a quick question and YES I searched a bit (not that long due to walking out the door to work at the moment). Does anyone know from personal use if the SLEE rear interior tire mount will hold a 37inch tire? I need and want to order one BUT wanted to make sure it would fit. Called SLEE...
  13. 4dmalamute

    The lift and tires are done!

    Finally got the entire SLEE six inch lift put on....I got to say, SLEE kicks ASS!! QUALITY stuff for sure!! Ended up keeping stock rims and putting on 37" Irok' stuff. The thing is a BEAST! Next up, sliders! Awww, this is deja vu from my last cruiser! Just wanted to share!
  14. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  1993-1997 FZJ80 with lockers!!!

    Well I couldnt stay away for that long....time has come and I am back in the market for a cruiser. I know, I still kick myself for getting rid of my last cruiser BUT it had to be done. :o Anyway, I am looking for another 1993-1997 FZJ80 with lockers. STOCK or with MODS, either is good. However...
  15. 4dmalamute

    Sold the 80 this morning

    Hey just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped me over the past few years with questions, etc while building my 80. The 80 went to a new home today (driving to New Mexico) so I am officially out of the 80's group..........for now. Thanks again and I am sure I will be lurking for...
  16. 4dmalamute

    1993 FZJ80 with lots of Mods for sale!

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD1993 FZJ80 with lots of Mods for sale! The time has come and my 1993 FZJ80 has to be sold. I have had the beast for about 4-5 years and have put a lot of time and tears into it. Regardless of the amount of money I have put into it, I know that its a wash when trying to sell...
  17. 4dmalamute

    Going to Costa Rica in May...need advice

    My friends wedding is in Costa Rica this coming May and my daughter and I are in it. The thing is.................its super expensive to fly a family of three from California to Costa Rica......we are actually staying in Manuel Antonio. Anyway, does anyone have advice on best place to purchase...
  18. 4dmalamute

    Any Runners in here?

    Just wondering if there are any other runners in here. I have been running for a few months now (did it years back then sort of lost it for a while) and tracking my miles, cal., etc with the site. Its the sport band you wear on your wrist and your shoe has a sensor in it that sends...
  19. 4dmalamute

    I have a hemroid...........and it hurts BIG time!!

    That is right, I am talking about the stuff that no one ever talks about.........a hemroid!! Oh my god, it hurts big time. I have never had one and fawk, I dont know what to do. Yes, I have had one to many to drink but owell! Any advice? :crybaby:
  20. 4dmalamute

    Got me an Audi TT today

    Well, I missed having an Audi around the house so I went out and picked up a used Audi TT. Its the quatro 225hp with a six speed. Damn fast! Going to be a bit faster after this thursday when I drop it off at 2bennettracing down in Davis. They are tuning it and chipping it for now. Then when the...
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