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    SOLD Running boards 01 LC - Oceanside, CA

    Sent you a on for my friend who is not in here.
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    Looking for a 2000 LC hood mounted wind/bug deflector

    This one appears to be oem on my 03. It says Toyota on it. Looks pretty close to the avs one above!
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    Can I disable the alarm on 2006 LC?

    You should be able to program your new keyless entry key to the truck. No special tools needed. Search in here how to program your key buttons.
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    VSC TRAC / VSC OFF after maintenance

    A shot in the dark here, but sounds like symptoms of an impending abs pump failure.
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    2005 lexus lx470 strange ignition behavior.

    All my cars except my 2001 Lexus GS have this one touch feature. When I try starting my GS, it looks like it's broken and won't start first try since I just tap the starter. Have to try starting again and holding a "normal" car!
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    2005 lexus lx470 strange ignition behavior.

    Seems normal to me. 2003+ had one touch ignition where you don't need to hold the key to start it, unlike the 98-02.
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    Heard small “clunk” noise then found this...

    That looks like a front a-arm bump stop, but it’s been awhile since ive seen one.
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    For Sale 2007 Land Cruiser factory step/sliders and roof rack

    Pics of the rear covers? As long as they are mostly intact, it'll work for me. Thank you
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    For Sale  CA: 5x 1999 Land Cruiser 16s with 285/75/16 BFG KO2

    All 5 wheels are rattlecanned matte black. All tires are 2015 date code. 3 are 60%, 2 are 90%. 4 center caps included. See pictures for condition and tread of each wheel. There are no patches or plugs. Rode smooth when I took them off over a year ago. Has been stored under cover out of...
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    2006 LX trying to decide if I should cut bait

    Typically it is oil leaking from the passenger valve cover gasket onto the alternator that causes the alternator to fail. The power steering pump is also above the alternator and could have been leaking on it. Your work order should tell you the parts they replaced to be sure. A coolant...
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    FREE 100 series factory stuff FREE!!!

    Any chance you would ship the rear two roof rack covers?
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    Metal Tech 4X4

    My only dealing with Metaltech was a 19.95 body mount chop metal cap order. It went smooth and fast as it should. I installed it, and did not think anything of it, because the experience is what I expected. About a week later, I received a handwritten envelope and handwritten card from...
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    Wanted LC 100 Series / LX 470 SoCal

    I've got a 1999 on 33s if you haven't found one yet. Have not yet listed it!
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    Builds A.Wilson013's Build Thread

    Those look great! Any write-up or pics of your custom rear swing?
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    Inexpensive partial DIY slider option

    I too have trail-gear but got the 78" and cut them down for full coverage. They hold up great!
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    4x4 Labs GX bumper

    Bumping this up.....I'd like to see the rear gx installed!!
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    120 series Photos!

    A few shots from Moab last weekend. Made it to the Top of the World!
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    KAIZEN GX470 Build

    Looking good! Who did all the work? Your profile says Arizona, but you were looking for shops in SoCal?
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    Demello Offroad front bumper for GX470 is here!

    The Demello Off-road bumpers are being released into the wild! Solid product and great customer service! Install requires trimming of some of the under plastic which you cannot see. I did not want a bumper that requires cutting into the fender flares like bumpers made for the Prado require...
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