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  1. flounder

    For Sale 1970 FJ-40

    Sold - please delete thread
  2. flounder

    For Sale 1970 FJ-40

    Fixed....I think Fixed it, I tried to change the album title to 1970 but apparently that changes everything. Disregard title - it's a 1970. It was manufactured in Nov 1969 but was titled as a 1970.
  3. flounder

    For Sale  1970 FJ-40

    I have too many toys so this one is up for Sale. 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser - Originally a California vehicle, I purchased it about 10 years ago and haven't driven it that much. I recently had the original F engine removed and replaced with a rebuilt 2F. Also put a brand new Weber 32/36 Carb...
  4. flounder

    What's everyone - been too long! Need some advice

    First off, looks like everything is going well and everyone is doing great with is awesome! I've been extremely busy for the past year and am trying to get the 40 back on the road. I sold the Defender and am back down to the 40 and want to do some work to it. Can anyone recommend someone...
  5. flounder

    Selling the Defender - let me know if anyone is interested

    Hey guys. Long time since I have been on here but I've had alot of stuff to take care of. I'm looking to sell my Defender. I'm trying to get close to what I have in it. It's on craigslist but if anyone here knows someone who might be looking, please let me know. Thanks, Chad
  6. flounder

    Thinking of the selling the 40

    Go ahead and forward the link as I'm pretty sure I'm going to get rid of it if the price is right. nc_fjizzle - you have a PM
  7. flounder

    Thinking of the selling the 40

    It's time to sell the FJ40. Too many vehicles in the driveway and the wifey needs a new ride. Anybody interested or have any idea what I might get for it? The body is excellent as it's a california rig and has been stored in the garage since I got it. I've probably put maybe 1000 miles...
  8. flounder

    Lost my daughter this weekend

    Sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you
  9. flounder

    Manuals in electronic form?

    Anybody have a body chasis manual electronic for a 1976 FJ55 or a 2F Engine Manual in electronic?
  10. flounder

    Need electronic copies of 2f Engine Manual and FJ55 chasis manual

    Anybody know where I can find the 2F Engine Manual and the Body/Chasis manual for a 1976 in electronic version? I used to have a link but can't find them anymore. Thanks, Chad
  11. flounder

    **Club Meeting Champs @ Southpoint Mall in Durham 9/14 @ 5pm**

    Sorry I missed this post and the meeting. Do you need me to get it to you tomorrow? I'll bring it with to work and meet you somewhere tomorrow or drop it in the mail. Chad
  12. flounder

    Two New Co-pilots

    Congratulations Mike!
  13. flounder

    Metallica's new album - hot or not?

    It's not a cover and there is not even a song called death is not the end on the album. I think overall it's pretty good. The best they've had in a long time. Great riffs throughout.
  14. flounder

    Juan's Old Ride

    Juan - WTF?
  15. flounder

    Reminder - Lunch Tomorrow at Randy's on 54

    Sorry guys - I guess I won't make it. I've had a hot issue just come up that I need to address.
  16. flounder

    Reminder - Lunch Tomorrow at Randy's on 54

    I'm planning on it too
  17. flounder

    Look what my daddy got for me...

    Great first ride and in pretty good condition and pictures don't do it justice. I met you dad yesterday, very cool guy. Your a lucky girl! Let me know when you need those door locks for your doors!
  18. flounder

    Anybody want to get a beer tomorrow night 8/30?

    I can do that if it get's here in time. Supposed to be here between 1 and 2. Edit - I just got a call and looks like I'll be there by 3 I check this again right before I leave
  19. flounder

    Anybody want to get a beer tomorrow night 8/30?

    I'll have the defender about 1 tomorrow.
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