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    Recommendations for powder coating shop

    Nikko at Zollworks does great work (used him on some of my Audi stuff). Pretty fair prices too. I think the biggest he can do is wheels in terms of size. Also, he does not have a very powerful sand blaster so you may want to take those wheels to be chemically stripped before going to get them...
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    Toyo Tires Trail Pass

    Anyone rolling up to Hood River for Trail Pass next Saturday? We're headed up pretty early Saturday I think.
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    Cascade Cruisers for sale / wanted thread

    Nice looking Ti Avant. Too bad it's not a 6MT. Looks like you replaced the HPFP recently, did you do the follower as well? Any smart Audi owner is going to ask. Too bad you're leaving the Audi family, here's my garage (Audi #4 and #3 in the garage).
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    More Than Just Cruisers?

    The 15th of August? As in this Thursday? I will have to check the schedule but I might be able to make it. Is this a monthly thing?
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    More Than Just Cruisers?

    Hello Cascade Cruisers! I recently just purchased a 97 FZJ80 and am looking forward to building out the truck do some offroading and overlanding. Is this group open to more than just Land Cruisers? My best friend and I are getting into overlanding together but he has a Gen5 4Runner and we are...
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