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  1. FZJ80Cruiser

    Blowing low beams frequently

    In reference to my experience, OE from Toyota dealer. They are re boxed Philips if it matters.
  2. FZJ80Cruiser

    Blowing low beams frequently

    I too was going through bulbs fast at one point (aftermarket/ Sylvania). Switched back to OEM bulbs and have not have any issues in almost 2 years now.
  3. FZJ80Cruiser

    GX470 Wheel/Tire/Lift Picture Combination Thread

    2" OME lift in front, 1.75" in the back. BFG K02 275/70/17 tires.
  4. FZJ80Cruiser

    How many previous or current LC owners here?

    We have a GX and a 100 series, would prefer the GX hands down for everyday driving.
  5. FZJ80Cruiser

    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Finally got the dash replaced under warranty. Waited approximately 1 year...;)
  6. FZJ80Cruiser

    I Think I Bought A Chick Truck

    Congrats, I'm sure you will learn to embrace the "Chick truck" part of it in days to come.. :flipoff2:
  7. FZJ80Cruiser

    ARB Roof Rack

    Thank you for the confirmation. One pictured above appears to be 3722010, for 03-09 4Runners.
  8. FZJ80Cruiser

    ARB Roof Rack

    @Scat Adams, thank you for the response. Can you post up some close up pics of the mounting legs on roof. Was 3713010 fit kit was utilized for the installation of the rack? Cheers
  9. FZJ80Cruiser

    ARB Roof Rack

    Sorry to revive an old tread. If anyone has removed their factory rack in favor of an aftermarket one, I'm wondering if you can fill me in with measurements on the mounting points. @JTGX , did you ever install one?
  10. FZJ80Cruiser

    My Hawaiian GX Barely Build

    Congratulations! That is a nice looking GX. Did you swap out the rear emblems or was it the P.O? :cheers:
  11. FZJ80Cruiser

    Joining the club...finally!

    Welcome :)
  12. FZJ80Cruiser

    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Yes mate, they are. Was thinking of doing Prado 120 lights but wiring would need to be changed for that.
  13. FZJ80Cruiser

    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Changed tail lights to later spec, on went the exhaust tip...
  14. FZJ80Cruiser

    Cracked dashes may potentially be resolved by Toyota

    Playing the waiting game as well. At first, dealer (Lexus of Bellevue) stated about 9 weeks to get replacement dash in, now hearing it will be another 6-7 months..... :rolleyes:
  15. FZJ80Cruiser

    Tapatalk Issues

    And I thought I was the only one with this issue.....:bang:
  16. FZJ80Cruiser

    PNW 120 meetup

    If in Seattle, I'm down to meet with the 120 brethren ;)
  17. FZJ80Cruiser

    Dash Recall GX470

    Just noticed a hairline crack right above the dash cluster 3 weeks ago, waiting on my replacement which should be another 4 weeks per dealer (Lexus of Bellevue) ;)
  18. FZJ80Cruiser

    2004 GX470 - Replace AHC without lift?

    How about some pics Cheers.
  19. FZJ80Cruiser

    2004 GX470 - Replace AHC without lift?

    I too will be joining the "Rear coil spring club" shortly. Seems like it is on its way out. Replacements will be OEM 4runner V8 (4th gen non electronic) springs and shocks/ struts (upfront). We shall see how it pans out :hmm:
  20. FZJ80Cruiser

    Thinking about trading for a GX 470

    I like the look of the 4runner wheels on that. Most LC Prado's came factory equipped with those and IMO look better than our factory GX470 wheels. Stylo07, Good luck with your search!
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