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  1. Cruisin'Carolina

    For Sale  1994 Red FZJ80 in CLT, NC (Slightly Built)

    1994 Red FZJ80 with 160K miles. Factory Locked. New (12k miles)33" Revo 2s. Mods: ARB Front Bumper(winch ready) OME Heavy Front/Medium Rear Center Diff-Lock Switch George's LEDs in Cargo Alpine Head unit powering 4 Infinity/Eclipse Door speakers, Alpine Amp driving 12"sub. Husky Liner mats...
  2. Cruisin'Carolina

    Dash Gauge Plastic Cover

    It has been awhile since I had the dash apart.....I went in 2 years ago to replace the D light. :doh: Is the plastic cover a separate part? I seem to have fuqered mine up using a certain cleaner.
  3. Cruisin'Carolina

    FZJ80 Stock Springs

    $40 pair, have fronts and rears, plus the ride:steer:
  4. Cruisin'Carolina

    How much are my stock 80 springs worth?

    I haven't logged on to YotaTech in years. I vaguely recall that 4Runner guys use 80 springs to lift their trucks. How much are my stock 80 springs worth in today's market?
  5. Cruisin'Carolina

    Starting an Internet Business/Website

    Any forums out there or advice from MUD brethren? I'm thinking of starting an internet based business providing continuing education/certifications for licensed professionals. I would need the ability to do CC transactions, among other regulatory functions required by the government such...
  6. Cruisin'Carolina

    Dana Designs Backpack help requested

    I have a buddy who asked me to post this request. He needs an Arcflex series belt, size large. His pack is the Terraplane, but from what I understand, the Astroplane and Alpine belts are the same. He has a med to trade if anyone is interested. Apparently the co is now out of business, so...
  7. Cruisin'Carolina

    Anyone ever tear their rotator cuff?

    I was at HD buying a mower (yes FSUSteve, you have every right to kick me right square in the nuts;) )and was talking to the guy helping me load it about hurting my shoulder. He performed a few tests on me, and the diagnosis was complete:o I think he is right:eek: Sure beats my co-pay...
  8. Cruisin'Carolina

    Who here speaks Austrian?

    Just wondering;)
  9. Cruisin'Carolina Great Site!

    Great site for every day carry items..... Check it out, it is addictive!:beer:
  10. Cruisin'Carolina

    Peter Schiff was right

  11. Cruisin'Carolina

    We are only finished with half of the mortgage crisis...??

    Caught a blurb on 60 minutes....Jist was that forget about the subprime market.....Many, many ALTAYs (sp) and another hybrid variable loan out there....just as many if not more subprimes, all set to to go up throughout 2011. Scary shiite. These people reportedly have been defaulting at a...
  12. Cruisin'Carolina

    Office christmas party thread '09

    What stories do you have? Mine was pretty tame this year in comparison. High-end restaurant, private room. All the singles sat at a table and got trashed. One girl passed out before dinner. All I asked for Christmas this year was to witness someone setting fire to something. :D...
  13. Cruisin'Carolina

    Car Cover HELP

    Looking for a high quality custom-fit car cover. Names of manufacturers, website links of distributers, etc. would be appreciated. Our cars get baked in the sun so it has to be tough.... Thanks!:beer:
  14. Cruisin'Carolina

    Why does Hilux hate America?

    :confused: I was debating on whether or not to even post this. You know, with the government watching and keeping the peeps down and all............. :popcorn:
  15. Cruisin'Carolina

    Edward Jones

    Anyone know anything about the process to become one of their advisors?
  16. Cruisin'Carolina

    NAPA says Optimas are nothing but trouble?

    I got the feeling I was being sold on the house brand. Counter guy said many local racers had been using them, and Optima would not warranty them, so they stopped carrying them. Anyone heard of this?
  17. Cruisin'Carolina

    Re-finishing Hardwood Floors

    I have 3300SF of them. NOt a stitch of carpeting in the house, yet. They are sun-faded in spots, and it looks like the PO may have rubbed old english or something around her furniture and area rugs. And did not do a good job at that. I'm slowly going through room by room and repainting...
  18. Cruisin'Carolina

    Tony Snow

    I'm sure there will be some disrespect, but the guy shot pretty damn straight. Cancer sucks
  19. Cruisin'Carolina

    Front Axle Service- How much Gear oil, MolyGrease, and Bearing Grease Should I buy?

    I read the FAQ. It mention grease/oil etc, and has a pic of someone's supplies, but I can't read the pics Forum - View Single Post - Front Axle Rebuild - For FAQ I have been able to determine I need 3 quarts of diff gear oil. How much "MolyGrease" (is there another term...
  20. Cruisin'Carolina

    Semi-Real Time Help on Loose Bearings, ADVICE NEEDED

    I went throught he FAQ yesterday and have to give Props to Landtank's thread about diagnosing front axle issues. Fantastic info. A little history: 94 120K OME 2.5" newly installed on 33s. I ordered (Thanks Dan!)the whole front axle servicing parts list to include wheel and trunion...
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