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    6.2L GM Diesel- coolant missing but not leaking?

    So coolant is missing from the radiator pretty consistantly...and i am fairly ceritan that is no leak... so most likely a Head gasket and its going out the tail pipe? My oil is NOT milky and my coolant is not milky either??? fawk i hate when stuff doesn't work. Stew
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    Lowering Heating Costs In winter

    Looking for advice on helping to lower my heating costs in winter. House was built in 1806, origonal windows, doors, siding etc. Their is insulation in the attic but that is it. I do not want to change the house to much IE i am not replacing windows, doors, siding etc at this time. Things I...
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    clutch disk; little wilson; dash pad; window regulators; PS hose; all for sale

    Following parts are all for sale: Shipping is not included in any parts, buyer pays actual shipping from 06416 Dash pad, OK shape some scuffs and scrapes, couple cracks but deffinitly good for a trail rig- 20.00 Old style door (pre 74) window regulators both work and...
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    OEM FJ40 Hand Throttle and mounting bracket

    OEM Hand throttle for FJ40. Not sure on the year but most likely will be able to fit all years with some ingenuity. Will get picture later tonight. 25.00 plus the ride from 06483 email me at don't check the board that often anymore Stew
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    Hearing Protection

    Came across this on chainsaw site. Thought some others would like some free hearing protection. Click on "special kit offer" Stew
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    FREE Parts

    Ok so I have a bunch of parts that Gary did not want. 4-5 various drive shafts, mostly cruiser d-shafts from diffrent years. All 40series except one rear mini truck. 2 rear cruiser axle diff covers. short side/long side rear fj40 axles. couple short/long side front FJ40 axles...
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    Somebody in the club has a new rig... how was the trip home from CT? And i am Toyotaless Stew
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    36x13.5x 15 Bias Iroks Qty-5

    5 off road trips on them. No big gashes, cuts or holes. No plugs. One tire never seen pavement. They are currently mounted on US Steel D-wheels with 3in BS and LC 6lug pattern. Not Balanced. 650 with the wheels. 550 without the wheels. Rims are 150 for all 5. You pay shipping or...
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    New Roof on Old Shed- How to lay shingles?

    House we bought has a decent little detachted shed (8x4) perfect for garden tools and other junk. Only problem was it had a wooden shingle roof that was all but gone. We pulled that off and then put sheeting on the roof(still in process going to finish up this afternoon hopefully) anyway i...
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    1975 FJ40 For Sale

    Selling my SOA 75 FJ40. Basics are SOA, Toybox, FJ62 axles, Lockrite, 36x13.5x15 Iroks Etc. 5K Located in CT. Check the link for pictures and more descrition Stewart
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    Carpenter Ants!!!!

    HELP!!! So I figured out were the nest (or one of) the nests is. It's in the tree outside my front door (like 5 ft from the house). Anybody have any experience getting rid of them? any suggestions. It sounds like "Advance Carpenter Ant Bait" is the way to go from what i have read online...
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    Anyone have their mortgage through them? how about any of the other products they sell? Good or Bad experiences? Stew
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    Dryer thread

    Well since we have a washing machine thread going and since the dryer in my new house died yesterday(came with the house) i figured i would start a thread about dryers... So the problem i am having is that everything works on the dryer but it doesn't get hot. Dad suggested that it could be...
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    old galvanized water pipes?

    So in my recently purchased home i have found old galvanized pipe running from the meter around the perimiter of the basement and then it attaches to the standard copper tubing. Is this water safe to drink? Do i need to replace this section of piping with copper or plastic? I have read that...
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    any accountants out their? Tax ??

    So any accountants out their? (WTF are you doing here? shouldn't you be doing peoples taxes...:D :D ) Quick question. This is the first year filing that my wife and I are married. I have always heard the filing jointly is the way to go. But what situations would make us want to file...
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    frying pan recomendations

    oh great and wise ih8mud collective I am in need of a recommendation for some cookware. I need a 12in frying pan. We bought a faberware(crap) nonstick from Kohl's and it hasn't even lasted a year. My wife is very fond of using metal forks and spoons on the pan...which doesn't help it at all. So...
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    "Cost to Cure" mortgage issues

    Ok so i am under contract to purchase a house....everything is going fine so far... aprasial is completed and now all of the sudden the mortgage company won't underwrite the mortgage because of "Cost to cure" items... IE cosmetic crap that needs to be completed with the house...this is not a...
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    Home improvment forums?

    anybody have a suggestion on a good DIY home renovation/improvemtn forum geared towards older homes (1806 colonial)?? We are purchasing a home that needs work (hahaha) anyway the main thing is to replace a bunch of the main beams in the basement that have been eaten by powder post beatles...
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    Trailer For Sale

    This trailer is great for FJ40s or other SWB rigs. The deck is 14ft w/ 2ft dove tail deck width is 77inches. It would also work great for a Bobcat, roller, or ther small equipment. Trailer is rated for 12k. Brakes on both axles. You can either buy a pintle hitch to use the pintle ring or i have...
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    Tbi Sbc 350 Fs

    I have an 87 SBC 350 with everything from air cleaner to oil pan, including accesories, computer, wiring harrness to firewall and computer ect. 100k on the motor. Ran fine when it was in the truck. Came out of an 87 GMC 3/4ton truck that had auto tranny behind it. 300.00 OBO located in...
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