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  1. mleichty

    For Sale  M416 Parts

    Variety of M416 Trailer parts that I am not using that would be great for someone restoring one to original condition. Nearly everything has been sandblasted, and many parts painted grey. Parts include: Lunette Mounting Bracket with landing leg pin and spring - $160 Lunette (includes spring and...
  2. mleichty

    For Sale  FZJ80 Seat Foam for Cloth Driver’s Seat

    SOLD Brand new driver side (left) seat foam for the cloth seat 80 series. Part number is 71512-60020. $150 shipped in the US.
  3. mleichty

    SOLD  Carbon Fiber Heated Seats and JDM Heated Seat Switches FZJ80

    Set of carbon fiber seat heaters that are new, never installed for both driver and passenger seats. Pulled one set out and made a couple small pencil marks and then decided I wasn’t going to get them put in and needed to get my 80 back on the road. Includes everything you need for a basic...
  4. mleichty

    Rear tailgate light switch

    I’m dealing with the annoying issue of flickering overhead lights, and it appears that it is related to the switch in the rear tailgate. Bumps in the road as well as banging on the upper tailgate cause it to flicker. I’ve tried adjusting contacts and catcher to try and get the latch to maybe...
  5. mleichty

    Wanted  91-94 FZJ80 Dash Grab Handle

    Looking for the dash grab handle in brown for the 91-94 FZJ80. If you’ve got one you’re trying to sell, let me know!
  6. mleichty

    Wanted  94 FZJ80 Steering column clamshell

    Looking for the black clamshell for a 94. I believe 91-94 all are the same. No broken pieces please. I found some new ones, but would rather not pay $90 if I can find one in good shape. Let me know if you've got one. Thanks.
  7. mleichty

    Wanted  OME shock bushing

    Anyone have one of the yellow poly bushings that go on the top of OME shocks. I just have the standard shocks for the FZJ80 with the medium 2.5" lift that I purchased used, but it was missing one of those little hockey pucks. I'm also missing the metal washer that goes on top of it and the nut...
  8. mleichty

    Wanted  FZJ80 Side marker light wire

    I'm needing the wire that hooks into the side market light beside the driver side headlight. Mainly just need the plug and enough of the wires to be able to splice together. If you have one, let me know! Thanks.
  9. mleichty

    Wanted  Depo FZJ80 Front Corner Light and/or headlights

    Wife was in a small fender bender, and it damaged the driver side corner light on our 94 FZJ80. I have the clear Depo lights on the front, and only need the driver side, but willing to buy the pair if someone has some good ones. If anyone has the Depo glass headlights as well, I'd be interested...
  10. mleichty

    Front axle/birf replacement options

    Looking into replacing front axles and birfs as they are clicking and the axles seem to be too worn to seal well. OEM seems pretty spendy upfront, and longfields don't look like they are available for 80s at the moment, so I was looking for some other possible options. I don't necessarily care...
  11. mleichty

    For Sale  JVC KW-XR610 Stereo

    Have a pretty nice double din JVC stereo I picked up and now have decided to do something different. I already have a Toyota adapter soldered and covered with heat shrink attached, so ready to just plug in. Has USB and Aux input on the front. Also HD/SAT and Bluetooth ready, but you need...
  12. mleichty

    Wanted  1994 FZJ80 Oil Level Sensor

    Anyone have an oil level sensor from an 80? When I was pulling my oil pan, the little plastic piece on the bottom of the sensor got broken so I need to find a replacement. Thanks. Sent from my HTC Rezound using IH8MUD
  13. mleichty

    For Sale  FZJ80 Mud flaps, toolkit, 4WD badge, back step

    A couple more small pieces I need to clear out. Rear mud flaps $20-SOLD. Toolkit-pouch with pieces pictured-SOLD Back seat step in the dark brown $10+shipping Full time 4WD badge $5+shipping
  14. mleichty

    For Sale  CDL Switch 91-94 Curved Style

    Center Diff Lock Button for the 91-94 80 series Land Cruisers with the curved dash. SOLD!
  15. mleichty

    Cluster lights problem

    So, I decided that since I was going to go in and do the temp gauge mod I would also switch out the 4 cluster bulbs for the led version that I just picked up in the classifieds. Got the gauge all taken care of and then popped in the new bulbs and put it in. No lights...I figured I would rotate...
  16. mleichty

    Free 80 Series Hood

    I have a maroon/red (whatever the factory red is called) hood from a 1994 FZJ80 that I need out of the shop. It is not perfect, but is very usable. It was just slightly tweaked before I bought the vehicle, and I found a good deal on a perfect hood and replaced it. Basically, one side sits up...
  17. mleichty

    Wanted  Drivers Side Headlight Trim

    I'm looking for the trim pieces that go above and below the headlight on the drivers side. If you have one you want to clear out, let me know. *Edit - This is for an 80, specifically a 1994, but don't think the year matters.
  18. mleichty

    For Sale  80 side lights, tool bag, mudflaps

    I have a couple more parts to put out there if anyone is interested. I have a pair of the amber colored side marker lights. Pretty good shape. One has a small chip and a couple small rock marks, the other is nice. The one from the drivers side is missing the wiring harness. It was just hard...
  19. mleichty

    OR - 80 Series Tail Lights

    I've got some tail lights from my 1994 FZJ80 that I'm looking to sell. I actually have two passenger side light that are in nearly perfect condition. No cracks, nice and shiny lenses. I just posted pics of the one, as they are identical in pictures. SOLD I also have one drivers side tail light...
  20. mleichty

    Metal box behind front speaker

    I'm sure this is probably automatic for some of you guys, but while working at my a/c behind the glove box, I found this little box behind the little speaker by the passenger vent. There are wires there but they aren't hooked up. Any ideas what they are, if they should be hooked up, or why they...
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