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  1. WALoeIII

    Weird Electrical Issue

    I've got a pretty strange electrical issue with my rig. I have "lost" my tail/running lights, my brake lights, my dome lights and my dash lighting (including fan). But, I still have wipers, reverse lights, all turn signals, stereo, and headlights. I checked all the fuses, and all the wires from...
  2. WALoeIII

    Desmogged Pics

    I'm looking for engine bay pictures of somone who has 100% properly desmogged their 2F. I think mine is semi-ghetto, and I wasn to do a photographic comparison and remove the extra stuff, and make sure I have everything plugged etc. I think I can do a bit better than 9 mpg on the interstate with...
  3. WALoeIII

    Clutch Woes

    A bit of history to start: Last summer my clutch main went out and I had it replaced, but I did not replace the clutch slave. After some research I found that the clutch slave often soon follows, so I bought a replacement and changed it in September. Everything has worked great. I moved up to...
  4. WALoeIII

    Alternator Whine (Mean Green)

    I've noticed some Alternator Whine coming from my subwoofer (via amp thats directly attached to the battery). I didn't have this before I had the MG, do I need to put some kind of isolator in? The whine doesn't always happen, in fact I think if I turn the radio off before I turn the car off...
  5. WALoeIII

    Winch Options

    I'm looking to get a planetary winch for my 60 (ARB Bumper). I've always thought Warn was the way to go, but I honestly am not very educated on the subject. Is Mile Marker worth checking out? What size should I go for? Cost is more of a factor, although I think I will stay away from the Tabor...
  6. WALoeIII

    ARB Bull Bar - Turn Signal Lights?

    Do the small orange lights come with tbe bumper? Or do I need to get these separately?
  7. WALoeIII

    Installing Mean Green

    Did a quick search but didn't come up with anything cool. This unit is a direct drop right? I don't have to extend the IC (I think?) wire? I was trying to figure out which plug goes into the green plug on the alt... granted I didn't look too hard its been snowing like crazy up here. So basically...
  8. WALoeIII

    Jim C Aisin Carb?

    What does he charge for a nicely built one? THINKING about removing the Weber.
  9. WALoeIII

    High Altitude Jets for Weber 38?

    Anyone know where I can find these? I need to re-jet as I'm living at 6300 ft up from -13. I've already advanced the timing a bit, but the jets will help with fuel economy a bit.
  10. WALoeIII

    Urban Land Cruisers

    Has anyone been able to get in touch with them? I've left numerous messages and emails, and have gotten no response about the battery cables I ordered. I have already paypaled them the money, but haven't gotten anything from them!
  11. WALoeIII

    Adjusting for Altitude

    I'm in a hotel in Laramie, WY right now. Coming from sea level, the cruiser is running pretty rough at 9000 ft. Tomorrow morning I'm going to have a local carb guy re-jet and adjust it (Weber 38 - yea yea deal with it.). Besides that and potentially advancing the timing, is there anything else I...
  12. WALoeIII

    Its finished!

    New wheels. New brake master cylinder. New clutch master cylinder. New clutch slave cylinder. Repaired roof. ( Painted roof white. Powder coated bumper. Removed window tint. Rubbing compounded. Washed and waxed! :cool:
  13. WALoeIII

    Jack Kit

    I have a complete (I think?) jack kit from my FJ60. I won't be returning this one to vintage shape and my lift requires that I use a Hi-Jack to change a tire. I have the bag, jack, crank pieces, handle, and then the two tire tools. Please let me know if I'm missing any parts, they might just be...
  14. WALoeIII

    New Skin

    If I re-skinned vB for this forum, (do it for myself with GreaseMonkey anyways) would you add it as an option? I find white on black extremely hard to read.
  15. WALoeIII

    Sprayer Systems (Windshield, Headlights, & Rear)

    I'm trying to get this system all up to spec, but have run into a few issues. First, I have the replacement 90 degree joints for the headlight sprayers, but I can't figure out how to get the tubing off the old ones. Do I need to remove the entire headlight assembly (I took off the turn signal...
  16. WALoeIII

    Battery Cabling

    My current battery connections are pretty bad, the positive terminal has two fun little wires and a 4ga. wire running to the amp. These are just tacked on with the starter cable. On the negative side the ground is looking pretty weak (and its smaller than the cable going to the amp!). Do...
  17. WALoeIII

    Optima Battery Group?

    How do I figure out what "Group" my Optima is?
  18. WALoeIII

    Parking Brake Blues

    The parking brake actuator on my left drum is acting up. It won't spring open after the cable is released. Is there something specific I should check for? I can bang it back with a hammer, but its really stiff.
  19. WALoeIII

    No Brakes

    I can push the pedal to the floor. Caught me by suprise they were working, got on the interstate, then needed to slow down and had nothing. I can pump them a bit and get some pressure, but right after release them and then push it back in I have nothing. What should I check first?
  20. WALoeIII

    What would do about this roof rust?

    The pictures pretty much explain it all. I was quoted $900 for the installation of a new roof by a shade-tree body shop. That doesn't include the new roof. for full size shots.
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