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  1. 45Kevin

    Cooper St Maxx tires - rubber cracking

    These are my ST/Maxx mounted Sept. 2020 on my 45. No signs of cracking and the 45 lives outdoors year round. They have been a great tire. However, on my AWD van I put the Falken Wildpeak/3. The van sees a lot more highway than off-road and I figured they might be a bit quieter. They also...
  2. 45Kevin

    Events/Trails Cruising the woods

    Some more. And the icing on the cake, we drove the last couple of hundred miles in a snow storm and arrived home to 6 or more inches of snow on the ground. Made it home around 5:30 AM.
  3. 45Kevin

    Events/Trails Cruising the woods

    We had a great time as well. The rain sucked but I only had a few puddles in the tent. My tires were a little small for some of the trails, and I paid for it. Great event though, and Cascade Cruisers have a ton of volunteers working to make this an excellent weekend. And as always, it's all...
  4. 45Kevin

    adhesive for Land Cruiser Logo

    I just stuck my stock logo that had broken pins on with clear Gorilla two sided tape. Let's hope it works.
  5. 45Kevin

    Deep Freeze/Polar Vortex question - Damaged cooling system

    No need to drain the oil to see if it is contaminated. You will most likely see scum sticking to the inside of the oil cap or on the dipstick if coolant has gotten into the oil.
  6. 45Kevin

    Deep Freeze/Polar Vortex question - Damaged cooling system

    So you are new to cold, really cold weather. The first thing is to check your coolant specific gravity. You can get an inexpensive SG gauge at any auto parts place. If the SG is wrong for your area you will need to change your coolant to the proper SG. Depending on how much you are down you...
  7. 45Kevin

    Name this (broken) part!

    If it sounds OK when it is running, it will be OK to drive it home. Even if it is leaking, just carry a bunch of water and refill periodically, say every 1/2 hour or when your temp gauge starts to move. Check oil and trans fluid at the same time and have extra on hand. As long as it doesn't...
  8. 45Kevin

    How does the center diff lock work

    I have been driving this van for several years and the AWD has been great until the other day when I got bested on a scree pile. I thought that maybe a CDL would have helped. There are guys that have put the NP205 in the express AWDs. It's practically a bolt in mod with only a hole in the...
  9. 45Kevin

    How does the center diff lock work

    First off, I have a 45 so no center diff lock for me. But, I also have a chebby express 1500 that is AWD. It has a BW4473 TC in it. It is a 1 speed chain drive. It does not have a center diff lock and I am wondering why and if it is possible to add one like you can with the 80s. School me on...
  10. 45Kevin

    Oil explosion in engine compartment...What the H&@¥!

    Clean the engine with a pressure washer or engine degreaser and garden hose. Then take a good look around. If that doesn't give any ideas then crank the engine over and then look again. How much oil did you loose?
  11. 45Kevin

    B.C. Canada garage | Landcruiser Toyota Parts and EBI 4x4 Accessories Steve has been a long time member of the BC LC community.
  12. 45Kevin

    Hey gang....

    I've met him a few times, nice guy. But I'm surprised he is still around. I heard he bought a dodge.
  13. 45Kevin

    A quarter century later..

    I bet Dan posts a pic of the snorkel actually being used. I don't think anyone that knows Dan would even remotely consider his 80 a mall cruiser.
  14. 45Kevin

    Talk me into or out of an m8274 winch

    The 8274 is kind of like the land cruiser of the winch world.
  15. 45Kevin

    Another Conduit Roof Rack (idea)

    Great idea, I had it myself a week or so ago. I am going to make one for my Chev AWD camper van. My big concern was welding the EMT. Doesn't it have a galvanized coating on it? And I heard that welding galvanized can produce deadly gases.
  16. 45Kevin

    Calling Wyoming Residents (Wind River Area)

    Its a little bit north but will be worth the drive. Morrison Jeep Trail
  17. 45Kevin

    *#+% cone washers!!!

    I've used all the suggested methods with success. I have also whacked the side of the hub with a BFH as well to get them loose.
  18. 45Kevin

    Anyone out there running front & rear LSDs?

    I'm not sure what the difference needs to be to engage a LSD, but think of the difference in rotational velocity between the front wheels when you turn. The sharper the turn the greater the difference. I don't know how you would tune a LSD, but would you only want it work when the wheels are...
  19. 45Kevin

    Anyone out there running front & rear LSDs?

    Since LSDs "engage" when there is a difference in the rotational velocity of each wheel, they would "engage" every time you turned the steering wheel. Not a good idea to have one in the front in my opinion.
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