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  1. OregonB

    Front diff out - options/advice

    Front diff on my '05 LX...dang! I am not qualified to do the work, have a local (not chain) transmission guy looking at shortly, and trying to do my homework. -Anyone have experience to share on OEM "good" (used) such as from Nitro-Gear? -Would you replace rear diff at same time? -Other...
  2. OregonB

    Can a beater box-trailer budget redo look better-than-OK behind my LX?

    my 18 yr old box trailer - used for dump hauling, construction, camping, everything - is in my yard getting stripped down....knocking off rust > rewiring harnesses/ new decking> Corroseal > prime > paint. Considered sand blasting then powder coating, but total $ for that route was = to cost of...
  3. OregonB

    part # and/our source for OEM oil pan access cover

    was changing my oil today, finally committed to finding missing (from PO) oval oil change cover....the curved pan with two bolts that allows access to drain the oil pan.,..anyone know the part # for this, good source? Thanks
  4. OregonB

    Rotating 5th wheel idea...overkill?

    So the one time my wife gets behind the wheel, there's a flat on the front pass side. Totally flat, I would guess. She doesn't notice it, or the handling issues, and drives it 3/4 mile over gravel/rocks to where I'm located. Tire, wheel, all trashed. Of course, I have about 25k on the...
  5. OregonB

    For Sale  Cargo area mat '05 470 LX, original

    Extremely lightly used, if at all. PO had in a factory plastic bag, I never used, I put a platform in the cargo area. $20 plus ship costs (shipping maybe $20-25). Portland, OR area
  6. OregonB

    SOLD  Escape Gear seat covers, grey, great condition

    Front seats with armrest and console covers. Less than a year old, very lightly used. These were on my '05 LX, but pretty sure they also work for the same years on LCs (check Equipt Expedition website for correct model years). I may still have the nifty duffel bag for them somewhere. Best offer.
  7. OregonB

    unknown noise from behind dash, left of steering whell

    (Or steering 'wheel', whatever). I've been getting this noise all fall/winter. Comes from behind the dash, up high, somewhere right of the pillar and left of the wheel. Happens consistently on the first start of the morning, does not happen after car is warmed up, (or it might, but only for a...
  8. OregonB

    door ajar light on intermittent - driver door

    When door is shut, door ajar light (and related lights: OH dome, door pocket) will sometimes turn on...really pulling in hard on door will usually turn back off, but eventually - for example, if I just lean against door - it will revert back to on. Is there a sensor or contact that can be...
  9. OregonB

    pulled CD changer - making console storage space useful, anyone?

    We redid the audio, pulled the PO's CD changer mounted nside the center console...lots of nice space in there, but there's a few openings, esp towards the front, where small items might disappear. I was thinking of just cutting a small piece of auto carpeting or machine mat and stuffing down...
  10. OregonB

    Wanted  used drawer system for '05 LX

    Looking to put a drawer system in the back of my rig; don't need a lot of fancy, just two drawers & would like height to = folded-down 2nd row seats, for sleeping. Portland/Tacoma/Seattle.
  11. OregonB

    solved heating prob. 05 LX: mis-wired harness

    Months ago I posted a note about my heat controls going wonky. Either too hot (mid 80s) or A/C-level cold, no in-between. I cleaned the cabin air sensor as noted in other posts here, no change. Running out of patience, I took it too my local mechanic who ran a scan for me as a favor. It...
  12. OregonB

    turn signal in rapid mode after new wiring (LX470, '05)

    New TJM bumper, so the factory-supplied fog & running/turn blinker lights needed to be wired in. They work - you bet they work -they run 2 or 3X more rapidly than the original turn signal did. Same on emerg flashers. Otherwise all good. I guess I'm fine with this (hopefully still legal)...
  13. OregonB

    Wanted  WANTED: 1 wheel (hub) cover for LX470 2005

    I ordered a "replacement" from someone on the East Coast, but it was thinner and didn't fit correctly. Looking for an original (yeah, I un-badge them and repaint). Any leads welcome. Thanks.
  14. OregonB

    TJM front bumper on 470: hating on nylon nuts, harness question, oem bumper interest?

    Wrapping up TJM install. So far OK, but oh man I have the WRONG touch when it comes to the supplied nylon locking nuts. I have developed a real dislike - whats' wrong with a simple lock washer, some lock tite....? Two trips to hardware store to buy replacement bolts. Loose fitted the bumper...
  15. OregonB

    FREE  oem Rear bumper gray 05 lx470

    Portland, OR area if you want it, this is a will call only, I do not want to hassle with shipping.
  16. OregonB

    Battery issue? Or loose connection?

    Noticed some efflorescence on the pos post of battery. Its' been working fine, so I had to go do something. Scrubbed the post clean with a toothbrush + water/baking soda to neutralize. I gave the area a lite rinse with water, maybe a quart. Vehicle then would not start. I dried everything...
  17. OregonB

    unable to adjust cabin heat (Nav)

    Can't figure out what's causing my cabin heat to not adjust +/-. Whether I set the cabin temp at 75 or 68, it all ends up getting too hot eventually, like it was set to max. Once you get down to 65 deg, the A/C (I believe) kicks in and displays "maxCold" (I have the Nav), and cools it down...
  18. OregonB

    heating adjustment out of whack

    Can't figure out what's causing my cabin heat to not adjust +/-. Whether I set the cabin temp at 75 or 68, it all ends up getting too hot eventually, like it was set to max. Once you get down to 65, the A/C (I believe) kicks in. So it's either one or the other (I have the Nav display)
  19. OregonB

    Driver door control for rear pass. windows fail, Rotopax install.

    Problem: Rear windows work fine using their native switch...and from the driver master control I can lower --- BUT not raise them. I have long arms, but that RR window switch is a stretch while driving...any ideas? Also, got a couple steel plates welded into my Gamiviti to load a pair of...
  20. OregonB

    2005 LX transmission fluid q's

    Finishing up baselining my fluids...unless I'm totally missing something, this is a sealed transmission (?), no dipstick/fill tube. In all the threads on MUD about draining/refilling, pulling the pan, flushing (or not flushing), etc., there seems to be little mention of this "feature". Is this...
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