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  1. rrv333

    Where all of the magic begins

    Here's a picture of one of my mistresses. The :princess: says I have a total of three the 62, 40 and the Homak toolbox :cheers:
  2. rrv333

    No Start

    Good morning collective. Went to start the 40 this morning and when I cranked her, I didn't have my foot on the clutch and she lurched forward almost hitting the garage wall. After some colorful language for being really stupid, I went to start her again with my foot on the clutch and nothing...
  3. rrv333

    Braking Issue

    Background, I've had my 40 a little over two years. During that time I've added a 4" OME lift and I've replaced all of the TRE's. Yesterday, I replaced the caliper's and rotors and bled the brakes to where she stops really well. My issue is that she pulls to the right when I apply the brakes...
  4. rrv333

    Long Term Tire Storage

    Ok, I have opportunity to purchase 4 tires and rims from a 2017 F250. The tires and rims have approximately 2500 miles on them, more or less. The previous owner went the bigger tire and new rim rabbit hole. Tires and rims are taking up space in his garage. My question concerns long term...
  5. rrv333

    Paging the Monkey

    Anyone seen or heard from the monkey
  6. rrv333

    Ate my Wheaties today

    Started a knuckle rebuild today and King Kong must have previously worked on my 40. Went to take the caliper bolts off and she wouldn't budge. Went so far as to try the impact and no dice, so I busted out my breaker bar. Went to pulling on the bar and I heard a snap. I just knew I had broke...
  7. rrv333

    35's or Bigger

    What are the thoughts on those of you running 35's or larger tires. Do you reinforce where the swing arm connects to the body or what is the secret. I'm about to run 35's on 17" inch rims and I'm concerned that all of that weight will eventually yank the swing arm away from the body. Any and...
  8. rrv333

    Look how my day started

    No haz-mat and no injuries
  9. rrv333

    I heard a loud Thud and then lost power

    I heard a loud thud and then lost power said a Patrolman to me the other night. I had to have the unit towed to our city garage. Here's a couple of photos of the carnage:eek:
  10. rrv333

    What to do

    :princess: went to Hawaii for 10 days. Her son took her for her birthday. I had to work:cool:. So what am I to do? Hmm, I recently bought 24 wheel studs that need to be installed. There's the transmission/transfer case that Georg rebuilt that needs to be installed. Shop needs to be cleaned...
  11. rrv333

    Wanted  Inspection Cover for a 76 FJ40

    I'm needing an inspection cover for a 76 FJ40. Send me a pm if you have one you want to sell.
  12. rrv333

    Cell Phones and Mailboxes = Insurance Claim

    As the title states... My mailbox after the owner of the really fat Chihuahua cratered it while talking on her cellphone:mad:. Luckily no one was hurt. My good friend who drives the great looking 40 in the picture was following behind the lady when she hit my mailbox. She admitted to him...
  13. rrv333

    Name and availability of this part

    Would someone please tell what this broken part is called and if it may still be available for purchase? It's for my 62 Thanks
  14. rrv333

    Killed two Interstate Batteries in one week

    Background: Had a redtop Optima battery in my 62 for seven years. The redtop always cranked and never failed me during the seven years. When the redtop finally died, I thought Ok, been seven years, I can't really complain. Bought a new redtop in September 2016. Last week the redtop failed...
  15. rrv333


    Negotiating a trade for this 1978 FJ40 for my 1989 FJ62. My 62 has 232+ on the clock with a 4" OME Shackle Reversal Lift, 20" MotoMetal Rims, 35" Toyo MT's with 4.88 gears and 4" modified gearshift. Champion Aluminum Radiator, NGK Plugs and Wires, Royal Purple & RedLine Synthetics, JVC Tuner &...
  16. rrv333

    Need some advice

    I was replacing the TRE's on my 40. While doing so, I managed to get the castle nut stuck on the bolt inside of the TRE:bang:. The bolt and nut now just spin freely. Going forward or backward, it just spins. How do I get the nut free from the bolt? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
  17. rrv333

    What is the purpose of this wire

    What is the purpose of this wire on the coil? Is it OEM and is it available from Toyota or aftermarket? Thank you
  18. rrv333

    Wanted  Tire Carrier Latch

    I have a 1976 FJ40. It has the ambulance doors. It has the tire carrier on the driver's side (Left Side) I need the latch that secures the tire carrier to the ambulance door. If you're looking at the latch the handle to open the latch is on the right side of the mechanism. If you have one...
  19. rrv333

    76 40 Flywheel Tooth Count and Diff Ratio

    I have a 76 40 and I ordered a FSM but it hasn't arrived yet. My question is what is the flywheel tooth count and what is the diff ratio? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I used the search feature and couldn't find an answer to my questions. I must be search feature...
  20. rrv333

    Finally able to join the 40 club

    I'm the proud owner of a 1989 62 but I've always been envious of the 40 owners. Been looking for years but either they were too expensive or total rust buckets. Low and behold the :princess: was searching the web and she found a 40 about 10 miles from the house. Called and got the "I don't...
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