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  1. Anthony.L

    Anyone need an electric power antenna for parts?

    I've got the one out of my 2004 LC, worked perfectly when I removed it a month ago. I cut the antenna wire, so you would have to move parts over or replace the cable. Free to a good home, just PayPal me shipping costs.
  2. Anthony.L

    Hi-Lift Jack Mounted on ARB Bull Bar 100-Series

    I have to work all weekend and only had a little time for a quick LC project. A couple weeks ago I was entertaining the idea of mounting my Hi-Lift on the front ARB I recently installed. I don't have a rack or rear bumper yet so the jack been in the back strapped to the spare tire which is...
  3. Anthony.L

    Planning a dual battery setup and accessories

    I'm about to embark on the finally outfitting my 04 LC with a true dual battery setup. This something I've put off for a very long time. However I'm on the verge of adding several electrical accessories to my LC and need to first complete the dual battery installation as a foundation. I've...
  4. Anthony.L

    RAM MOUNT Apple iPad and iPod Mounts

    Thought I would share my command central setup in case others are interested in having similar setups. I've been waiting for RAM MOUNT to finish their iPad mount for over 2 months now. I just picked it up today (they are local to me). Install is super easy with only one small modification to...
  5. Anthony.L

    Adding a subwoofer to a 2003+ Factory NAV Audio

    Ok, so I have a factory electrical wiring manual that I'm going to spend some time paging through. However thought I might throw out this question to see if anyone else has tackled the project. I'm looking to remove the factory amp and subwoofer, and then add an aftermarket amp and subwoofer...
  6. Anthony.L

    Super Annoying Squeak Fixed!

    I bought my 100 mid Jan and a couple weeks later is started to develop an annoying squeak in the rear while driving. It was most notable when coming to a complete stop, and taking off from a complete stop. The one thing I knew for sure was it was due to lack of lubrication somewhere. The...
  7. Anthony.L

    Ironman Winch - Opinions/Experiences?

    I'm seriously considering the Ironman 12,000lbs winch. Reasons; waterproof, comes with wired and wireless remotes, fits with solenoid inside bumper, less weight than the Warn M12k, and half the price of the Warn 12k. So, anyone used one, experiences?
  8. Anthony.L

    Black wheel lug nuts....ideas???

    Ok, so the stock lugs are chrome and very unique to the LC. I'm pretty sure aftermarket lugs do not exist, at least I've yet to run across any. Correct? So, anyone change their stock chrome lugs to black? What's a good process for paint/coating/etc that will last and not chip off in a...
  9. Anthony.L

    Goodbye 18's...Hello 16's!! (warning extreme wheel/tire porn)

    I bought this rig a couple weeks ago and planned on replacing the tires the day after I took it home. However when I bought it I didn't really pay attention to the wheels and figured they were 17's. Once I discovered they were 18's there was no way I was going to put tires on them, very few...
  10. Anthony.L

    ARB Snorkel and Slee second battery?

    I'm considering both the ARB snorkel and Slee second battery tray. To date I've seen a million pics of the ARB snorkel from the outside, but never from the inside under the hood. Does anyone have some open hood shots on how the snorkel is mounted and routed?? From looking at the outside...
  11. Anthony.L

    Wanted  Toyota Land Cruiser 96-98 (FJ80 or FJ100)

    Toyota Land Cruiser 96-99 (FZJ80 or UZJ100) I had a perfect condition 97 FJ80 until someone decided to t-bone me in the mall parking lot while Christmas shopping a couple weeks ago. What a wonderful Christmas present! So, now I'm in search of a replacement. This time around I'm looking for...
  12. Anthony.L

    Engine starting issues, any ideas?

    I have a 97 Toyota LC and having some starting problems. I've owned this FJ since last May and it has ran flawless from then to now. However the past month it's started having occasional starting issues. I will get in turn the key over, get one click, and nothing. Starter does not turn...
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