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  1. cseitz

    Intake routing ls swap....How did you get cold air?

    I recently installed a mild cam in my 5.3, and had it tuned. After going over the results with the tuning wizard (LS pros in Sacramento) the window at which my engine runs best is in the 70-110 degree range for intake air temp. I can slip out of that range rather quick and performance just seems...
  2. cseitz

    Wanted  1970-1974 FJ40 Front turn signals

    I am looking for a good used set of turn signals for a 1972 FJ40? Anyone have a set they would be willing to let go of? Im located in Roseville Ca, if there is someone local.
  3. cseitz

    Wanted  1972 FJ40 Windshield Frame (Capri blue)

    I am looking for a windshield frame for a 1972 FJ40. Any frames from 69-74 should work if it has the wiper motor at the top of the frame. I just need a stripped frame, My glass is still good, but I tweaked it when I flopped it a year ago and it doesn't line up with my top too well. I would love...
  4. cseitz

    For Sale  1972 FJ40 OEM Fuel Tank

    I have a stock fuel tank form my 1972 FJ40. This tank is in excellent condition, no rust inside or out. Hit it with some black paint and its restoration quality. It doesn't come with the filler neck. It has a fuel sending unit, but it has been a long time since it was hooked up and used, but it...
  5. cseitz

    FJ40 Rear Tank options w/ 4 link

    Is there anyone out there who is running a rear under mount tank with 4 link? I am trying to get the fuel tank out from under the passenger seat and relocate it. Just seeing if anyone has tackled this and if they would be willing to share their approach.
  6. cseitz

    Saginaw steering gear jolting/twitchy in 1 direction

    I have a saginaw 800 series steering gear in my ls fj40. I have been trying to cure a darting steering issue, and not im thinking it's my steering box. With the front end off the ground, steering is smooth in the driver rotation. Turning back towards the passenger side, it isnt smooth at all and...
  7. cseitz


    Unfortunately I busted a passenger side marker on the rear of my 72'. I am looking for a set or just a passenger light. I need the complete assembly. Anyone have a set near Roseville CA 95661?
  8. cseitz

    For Sale  1970 Landcruiser FJ40 Nice build Fuel injected Auto

    1970 Landcruiser FJ40 1997 LT1 5.7 V8 Runs flawlessly Fresh TCI TH400 automatic Orion 4:1 Tcase with less than 500 miles on it Painless wiring harness PSC steering gear and pump (ready for hydroassist) Chromoly longfield 30 spline front axles IFS hubs and v6 brakes up front Monte Carlo disc in...
  9. cseitz

    For Sale  Fj40 swing out tire carrier bumper

    I have a custom swing out tire carrier. Built stout with 3/16 and 1/4 box tubing. Held a 37 and 40in tire just fine. Requires 6 holes to be drilled in the bumper. Allows you to use the factory license plate bracket on the rear door. Has latch, doesnt flex a bit. Comes with lights. I'd like to...
  10. cseitz

    For Sale  1972 FJ40 Spring Over Axles F&R Locked Chromoly Disk Brakes

    For Sale: 1972 FJ40 Axles Front and Rear 4.10's Aussie locker in the rear and lockrite up front Longfield Chromoly 30 spline up front (less than 100 miles on them, still have receipt from June 2018) Cut and Turned Knuckles Mini Truck knuckles, IFS hubs and V6 brakes w/ fj60 rotors Disc Brakes...
  11. cseitz

    Wanted  Fj80 lx450 front and rear axles complete

    I'm looking for a complete set of axles from an fj80 or lx450. Locked or not. I'm located in roseville, ca 95661. Will drive to pick them up. Might even consider buying a complete vehicle if the price is right. If you have a set, let me know.
  12. cseitz

    Wanted  FJ40 Inner 27 spline axle shafts short and long side

    Looking for a set of inner axles to build by spare trail parts kit for my cruiser. Looking for a long and short side inner set of axles. Preferably near Sacramento CA. IF you have a set laying around, please let me know. Thanks
  13. cseitz

    Wanted  15" Aluminum beadlocks Northern California

    I am looking for a set of 4 or 5 aluminum true beadlocks. Would like 15x10 or 15x12, with a 2.5-4in backspace. I really like the OG mickey thompson baja locks. If anyone has a set they'd be willing to part with let me know. Thanks
  14. cseitz

    Orion transfer case machining

    I finally got my hands on an orion after waiting patiently for a couple months. I started assembly today and I ran into a little head scratcher. It looks to me like there is a machining issue on the thrust washer surface for the idler gear. One side looks good with the notch for the thrust...
  15. cseitz

    Wanted  Orion 4:1 Transfer Case

    Just throwing it out there to see if anyone has changed up there setup and would be willing to part with their ORION case. I'd prefer 10spline, but I can always change the shaft on my 4l60e adapter to 16 spline if necessary. If you have one you'd be willing to part with, let me know. 916-836-7490
  16. cseitz

    Wanted  9.5" fine spline r&p gears 4.10,4.56,4.88

    I am looking for a set of front and rear fine spline ring and pinion gears for the 9.5" axle. I have coarse spline bow and if like to have more driveshaft options using a multi drilled flange. If you have a set let me know. I'm located in Sacramento ca Thanks
  17. cseitz

    For Sale  1972 1f Engine, SM420 Trans, and 10 spline TC adapter

    I am removing my 1f engine which has 114k miles on it. It runs very well, has a factory carb, and electronic ignition. I will include a solid SM420 trans, and the adapter to use with the 10 spline case. This is a very good running setup, I'm just going with something more modern. The engin eis...
  18. cseitz

    For Sale  MISC 1972 FJ40 Parts, Taillights, steering box, rear hatch struts.....

    I have a bunch of parts from my 1972 fj40 that I would like to get rid of as a whole lot. I don't have the time to deal with shipping the parts, as I am in the middle of moving. I dont think it is necessary to list everything I have... Please take a look at the pictures, what you see is what I...
  19. cseitz

    Wanted  1974 and Earlier FJ40 doors Northern CA

    I am looking for a set of salvageable Fj40 doors that I can build into half doors. I'm not looking for a mint set of doors, because I can't bring justify cutting up a clean set. I'm located in Sacramento. Willing to go 2 hours any direction for them. Let me know if you have a set.
  20. cseitz

    Wanted  700R4 TO 10 SPLINE T-CASE ADAPTER

    I figured id shoot this out there before a buy a new adapter. Exactly as the title states, I am looking for a 700r4 to 10 spline LC case. If you have one you would be interested in selling at a better price than new, please let me know.
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