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  1. Beams37

    For Sale  Raleigh - 1988 FJ62 - LS Swap

    I think I’m going regret this … BUT here goes !! I’ve decided to put my LS-Swapped 1988 FJ62 up for sale. This is a CARB certified engine swap. Here come the details: Chasis: 1988 FJ62 283,550k Miles Freeborn Red Mechanical: Completed By @bdyer12 GM 5.3L Connect & Cruise Crate Engine GM...
  2. Beams37

    SOLD  Raleigh - 2006 Landcruiser Black

    It’s finally time to pair down my fleet. We traded in my wife’s 2009, going to keep the FJ62, and sell this baby. It’s just a vehicle we don’t need. I’m going to share everything I know about the vehicle. So, here goes: 2006 Toyota Landcruiser 144k Miles Black Lift: AHC Deleted OME Lift Kit...
  3. Beams37

    Timing Belt / Water Pump Kit

    Hey, I'm getting ready to have this job done. I would like to order a "kit" that has everything I need. As I look online, there are lots of variations of a "kit". Anyone have recommendations of the right kit to buy? Thanks in advance.
  4. Beams37

    Pantless Dent Repair - Raleigh

    Hey guys, My wife brought home a 2020 4Runner on Friday. Today at the park, some kid banged his bike against it. :censor::censor::censor: Anyone have experience or recommendations for PDR in Raleigh? Ideally a mobile service. Thanks !!
  5. Beams37

    SOLD  SOLD Raleigh: 2009 LC - Bone Stock

    Hey guys, It has come time to sell my wife's 2009 LC. Originally, she wanted the 09, but now thinks it's too big and wants to get back into a 4Runner. So, that's why I'm selling. Now the details. 2009 Toyota Landcruiser With 153k Miles Options: - Sunroof - Navigation - Cooler Box - DVD Player...
  6. Beams37

    Door Fabric: Where Do I Get It?

    Time to redo my door panels. Where's the best place to buy from?
  7. Beams37

    AHC Fluid Disposal

    Where can I get rid of this crap in the triangle?
  8. Beams37

    "Hissing" on Driver's Side

    I'm sure I've heard it before, but didn't notice because the drive's were so short. However, the hissing became much more noticeable on the 2 hour drive from the beach today. In my wife's 2008, it sounds like there is an intermittent "hissing" coming from the driver's side door area. Anyone know...
  9. Beams37

    Installing a Hitch Setup

    Hey guys, For some reason, my truck has the 7-prong outlet, but no actual hitch. Seems like it's just a couple of bolts. Am I missing something? Any recommendations on brand? Thanks, JB
  10. Beams37

    Free Stuff

    I have a few things that are taking up space, but still have plenty of usable life and I would like to pass them along. 100-Series Rear Springs (135k miles). 2 sets of generic all weather mats - a 100 series and a 200 series set. Let me know if you are interested. JB
  11. Beams37

    AHC Pump Removal

    So, I bought some Trail Tailor sliders. For the longest time, I had planned to completely remove the AHC system. So, I ordered the non-AHC version. Slowly, I have been removing the pieces and hoses. I reached the point at which I decided to just leave the parts on Globes, manifold, etc.), due...
  12. Beams37

    What Is This?

    I was closing my sunroof when this dropped down and popped out of the sunroof. I assume that is where it come from, but I cannot figure out where. Any ideas?
  13. Beams37

    AHC Removal Help/Questions

    Hey, I have swapped everything to OME and I am looking to get the AHC parts off the vehicle. Most are in good shape, so I am trying to save what I can and pass on to some local guys who need help. As I am removing, I have hit a couple of snags and would love to get some insight before I move...
  14. Beams37

    Tips for the OBX

    Hey all, Many of you know I'm new to the area. I've heard its possible to go to the Outer Banks and do some beach cruising and camping. I've done a little reading on the internet and it seems to be little tricky (permits, etc.). I am hoping to take the fam out there for a couple of days. I...
  15. Beams37

    RTH - ball joint stuck

    Top of ball joint snapped off. Now stuck in spindle. Have tried multiple things, but am open to ideas.
  16. Beams37

    AHC "ECU" Help!

    Happy Friday! I could use a little help! Installing OME suspension tomorrow. I have a 2006 LC with AHC. I will be removing the AHC system in the process. I need help identifying the AHC ECU that is supposed to be under the steering wheel. I went under there and there are like 10 ECU's. Can...
  17. Beams37

    Wheel & Tire Database

    Hey guys, Several of the other forums have a wheel and tire database. I've done some searching, but do not see one here. Does it exist? Thanks, JB
  18. Beams37

    OME Lift Kit Assistance in Raleigh THIS Weekend?

    Hey guys, I know it is short notice, but just got shipping/delivery notifications for my new lift kit. It is supposed to be delivered on Thursday. I would love to have a few people assist and possibly knock this out in one day. If I don't knock it out this weekend, it will likely be a month or...
  19. Beams37

    AHC Removal and OME Lift

    Hey guys, I have done a bit of research on both of these, but still have a few questions. As this 100 will become my DD, I cannot have it taken apart for weeks on end. I'm looking for info on the following questions: How long do you think this would take for 2 able-bodied people with average...
  20. Beams37

    New To The 100 Club

    Hey guys, I've got a few LC's, but this 2006 Hundy is new to me !!
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