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  1. TexFJ

    June Meet - Hill Country Run

    Are there any good spots for camping out that way?
  2. TexFJ


    I've had Megazip cancel my orders several times due to lack of inventory... really frustrating.
  3. TexFJ

    Cruisers Seen Around ATX

    Thanks for the pictures! I'm sure I'm not the only one that had the undercarriage on their mind. I'm not sure what to think of the black. obviously it's not the original color but did the 40s ever come in black?
  4. TexFJ

    60 series leaky steering knuckles

    I guess you could say the same thing about that puddle of oil under the car as well. Just keep adding oil and it's alright. ;) With the knuckle leak, it's not only adding the grease but gear oil as well, right? Or just do the rebuild, have fun, and not worry about running low on gear oil in...
  5. TexFJ

    Painting (one of) the fj62(s) (and the lx450).

    Curious, is the head gasket difficult on the 1HD-FTE? I can see it in the picture ;) and the engine is out....
  6. TexFJ

    PINS run?

    Dang Dang... about time our airports screen people. Thanks for helping out Phoenician.
  7. TexFJ

    PINS run?

    Where would we stop to camp?
  8. TexFJ

    Sources for AHC Accumulator Globes

    Could the 0517 stamped on the metal be the date code of the globe and the sticker be the car production date? my car is a 07/2000, so that would make sense.
  9. TexFJ

    Sources for AHC Accumulator Globes

    Curious, is there a date code sticker on them like our original ones?
  10. TexFJ

    AHC debug... won't go HI

    I want to say that's funny but I'm sure it was scary and worrisome when you're on the trail. You've put a scare into me and I'm going to grease those up this weekend :)
  11. TexFJ

    AHC debug... won't go HI

    Here's a funny story, and I hope that others did the same thing so I don't feel too stupid. First time I sat in an LX470, I tested to see if the transfer case was working as it should by switching the shifter from High to Low . I proceeded to give the PO a hard time because the transfer case...
  12. TexFJ

    AHC debug... won't go HI

    Wow, this is a great document. Exactly what I hoped existed. In my opinion your conclusion is spot on with regards to the accumulator. One thing that I had trouble grasping is how big of a change in the # of graduations it took for Toyota to suggest replacing the Globes. But if you divide...
  13. TexFJ

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    OK that is AWESOME!!! :clap:
  14. TexFJ

    AHC debug... won't go HI

    Sounds like 14 grads it is... and I'm far from that. Looking at the system diagram, I'm excluding the accumulator, it's the globes. As everyone has been telling me :) The pump is only connected to the accumulator. When the height is changed, the height control valve assembly opens and lets...
  15. TexFJ

    DIY: Replacing heater hose pipe T's *important*

    I got pissed at the aftermarket T's.... The metal ones were the same price as OEMs but I'm sure the metal ones won't ever break if they would fit. So I went to Toyota dealership and they had a couple of the OEM Ts. Soon as I asked for T's they already knew it was for a Land Cruiser. Ha...
  16. TexFJ

    DIY: Replacing heater hose pipe T's *important*

    tried the advanced auto parts Tees that showed up in my search. Stated they were compatible with LX470. Put them on and was it ever loose. Tightened the screw clamps down and boy did it leak. WORTHLESS. stay away from these. I think all the 84543 ones will not work as they are smaller than...
  17. TexFJ

    AHC debug... won't go HI

    Great write up and a great point that we overlook, the variable pressure in the hydraulic system due to the springs/torsion bars doing more work in the low position. I do have some questions that are still circling in my mind. 1) When you replaced the globes with OEM globes, they must have...
  18. TexFJ

    Builds The Escape Wagon Build

    Ooof. They're getting that engine dusty from all the sanding.
  19. TexFJ

    my build

    What paint did you use for the front grille and wheels?
  20. TexFJ

    AHC debug... won't go HI

    I guess I'm just wondering what the diff is in the Aussie version. Sometimes different countries have different regulations on fluids, which may force the Toyota fluid to have different characteristics in different regions, etc. :hmm: someone may know.
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