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  1. 45Kevin

    Yet another 2f ticking noise question

    Link isn't working for me. Valves maybe.
  2. 45Kevin

    First fj62. Wheel turning too far and binding

    Normally having the hubs locked will not cause performance problems, only additional wear and tear on the front driveline and poorer mileage. That is with an open front diff. With a locked front diff both front wheels turn at the same speed all the time, even when turning. Ergo, when turning...
  3. 45Kevin

    First fj62. Wheel turning too far and binding

    Those symptoms appear when the front diff is locked and you are on a hard surface. Do you have a locker/limited slip in the front? Are the hubs locked?
  4. 45Kevin

    Lubing speedo cable

    Don't know much about the 62s, but you can get a gizmo from motorcycle shops that makes lubing a cable easy.
  5. 45Kevin

    60 wont pass smog... what to do...?

    And don't some guys use a high amount of ethanol (or some other fuel additive) to reduce the emissions, ergo pass the smog?
  6. 45Kevin

    When you want to cross the Ténéré Desert in Niger

    Buddy definitely has old school skiing style. Rear entry boots...LOL.
  7. 45Kevin

    Lockers worth the money

    I agree 100%. There is a saying. Lockers just get you 100 feet further into the hole before you get stuck. With a winch you can just pull yourself that extra 100 feet. Lockers will definitely give you an advantage. Especially in rock crawling where you often have very little weight on one...
  8. 45Kevin

    Drowning in oil...

    That hose should go to the distributor cap. On my engine it is a 1/4" hose.
  9. 45Kevin

    Jalopnik Contest - Vote Land Cruiser!

    I like defenders as well, but "I've owned the truck for 10 years and rebuilt the engine twice" line kinda says it all. One more for the 60.
  10. 45Kevin

    24V wiper motor in a 12V truck

    It probably wouldn't work.
  11. 45Kevin

    Stuck on broke mountain

    Try pouring a small amount of gas into the carb as you turn it over. Having it fire up for a second will eliminate a host of possibilities. Or is your engine a 3fe? In that case I got nothing.
  12. 45Kevin

    62 5.3 v8 towing

    This might be relevant. I have a 5.3l with the 4l60e in a Chevy Express van and I have pulled my 45 with not a lot of effort, as well as an enclosed trailer that was about 5000#. My mileage was about 75% when towing.
  13. 45Kevin

    Screw extractor broke in side bolt

    Here is a pic of what you had... and then the extractor broke flush with the block. Same situation as most of us here I expect. The large flutes on the extractor make good spots to tap with a thin punch. A finish nail punch works good or a flat punch with a good sharp corner. If you tap it...
  14. 45Kevin

    Screw extractor broke in side bolt

    I had the same problem this summer. IIRC I used a MAPP gas torch to heat it and used a punch to get it turning. And lots of good penetrating fluid. I use a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone.
  15. 45Kevin

    RTH: Did I do something wrong?

    I may be way off base here, it's been awhile since I was into my hubs. But I though things in there were measured in INCH/POUNDS. So double check the manual.
  16. 45Kevin

    It won't go in-tale of a transmission/transfer case

    If your trans tunnel cover is off, you can stick a 4x4 across the cab resting on the door window sills. Use a heavy duty ratchet strap to suspend the tranny. Rachet up the tranny to approximately the right height and walk the 4x4 forward until the input shaft is inside the clutch assembly. Then...
  17. 45Kevin

    Diagnosed suspension popping click sound when turning

    So I dug into it a little tonight. The inner PS u-bolt broke off at the plate, perhaps due to the force from the curling plate (see pic 1). It's from the beating that a truck with 29" tires goes through on the Rubicon I'm sure. Once the u-bolt broke the spring and the axle started moving a...
  18. 45Kevin

    Diagnosed suspension popping click sound when turning

    I have a similar clunking sound on mine when backing up with the wheels cut hard. I noticed that I had a broken u-bolt on the DS. It was very hard to notice if you weren't looking for it. Waiting for new u-bolts now to see if it solves the noise.
  19. 45Kevin

    What is a running 2F worth?

    I just bought a good running 170k miles 1984 2F with accessories and tranny/splitcase for $500. That was a good deal but I didn't steal it.
  20. 45Kevin

    Tire hoist wont lower help!

    I think the cross member that holds the hoist is bolted to the frame. Check that out. I'm speaking from 40 experience here. You may also be able to spray PB Blaster or something like it up through the spare.
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