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    For Sale  Tucson, AZ 97 FZJ80 fender flares, bumpers, running boards, receiver hitch

    Decided to ditch the fender flares while doing bumper/slider upgrades. The front flares are in good condition. The rear ones have been damaged and repaired. they are definitely fixable. Front bumper and end caps are in good condition. Rear bumper end caps are garbage. Running boards are perfect...
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    Parting Out 1995 FZj80 Parting Out *updated*

    looking for the instrument cluster bezel, black with the vents in good condition, for a 97 fzj80. also the 2 small rear marker lights, whaddaya got?
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    Parting Out Denver: 1997 LX450 Black Partout No lockers

    I'm looking for the bezel around the gauge cluster, has 2 vents in it. also both rear side marker lights. shipped to 85705.
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    Parting Out SoCal. 1996 LX450, 108,000 miles

    looking for the bezel around the instrument cluster. pretty sure they're all black. has 2 a/c vents. shipped to 85705.
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