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    For Sale  '78 FJ40 - One of the nicest around

    SOLD (1/14/2013) 1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser - Mustard Yellow - Very Original One of the nicest, original Land Cruisers you will find on the planet. Rust free. Almost all mechanical components replaced or refurbished. Both hard and soft tops. Extra parts. Damn, she's sexy with that bikini...
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    Photos of 69-74 Rear License Plate Bracket?

    I'm trying to figure out what to do about a license plate frame for my rig when the top is off and the fixed rear tailgate plate I got from CCOT is installed: The zip-ties are a hack. One option is to pull the bracket that is on my ambulance doors off and mount. The downside would be...
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    Hard breaking pulls hard right!

    (OOPS: Title should say "pulls LEFT". Brain fade.) My '78 has discs on the front and drums on the rear. The disc conversion was done by CCOT in the '90s but I replaced the calipers when I rebuilt the front end (see my Fix-it thread in my sig for details). A few times recently I had the...
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    POLL: Which Bumper Looks Better on Uglina

    EDIT: I've decided. Until/If I get a winch, I'm sticking with the OEM bumper. It is back on Uglina. I just like the classic look too much. If/When I get a winch, I will buy a HFS winch bumper (or similar). Thanks for all the input folks! Use the voting to help me decide which bumper to...
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    Installing a SOR Bikini top & Tiger channel on an FJ40

    I purchased a SOR (black) Bikini top and Tiger channel recently. Here's what it looks like on my rig: I had done a ton of searching the forums for how to install a Bikini top and, frankly, was disappointed with the lack of detailed pictures & information. Most posts either showed the...
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    Paint question: Do I need to block sand the last coat of primer

    Please answer on my fix-up thread here: Thanks
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    For Sale  Khaki canvas paki soft-top, bows, and more

    I am selling the following soft-top parts. These were ordered for my 1978 FJ40. I do not know precisely what other years they will fit. All of this stuff has been sitting in cool, dry storage since purchased. All made by Ehsan. Khaki canvas soft top for the FJ40 made by Ehsan. Has small...
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    Powder Coating firms near Seattle/Bellevue, WA

    In the past I've used Powder Vision in Preston Washington for powder coating. See my sig for a link to my rig and the work they did. I was quite happy with their work. I need to get some more parts done and Powder Vision's website has disappeared. This makes me nervous. I've called them and...
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    Wanted  WTB: 78 Federal Carb for 2F FJ40

    Does not need to be in great condition but cannot be unrepairable (I will be having it rebuilt). PM me.
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    FJ40 parts (springs, hitch, dash, wheels/tires) for sale/free

    I have the following items for sale in Bellevue, WA. Local only. 1978 OEM springs. See picture. $100 OBO. 1978 Dashboard. See picture. Has 2 cracks. Free. Mann trailer hitch for FJ40. See picture. Well made. $100 OBO. 5 BFG 30x9.5 tires with tread left on 15" white spoke wheels. $100 OBO...
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    Wanted  WTB FJ40 rear step

    SOR has 'em but they are expensive...
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    Outer wheel bearings/races

    Looks like when I ordered bearings for my hub rebuild in April I forgot to order outer bearings. The inner bearings i got from SOR come with new races as well. Can I assume that if I get new bearings from SOR or my Toyota dealer they will come with new races too? I don't see anywhere on...
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    Oil pan install question

    Quick newbie question for replacing the oil pan: Do I put the liquid sealant (FIPG) on the oil pan side of the gasket or the block side or both? I have read all the tech articles and old forum posts and the FSM but given i've never done this before it's not clear to me.
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    Help Identify my Power Steering Pump

    Cross post from the mini-truck forum... A reader there thinks this might be an FJ60 pump. Any of you FJ60-heads have any insight for me? Thanks! See this thread:
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    Help identify this mini-truck PS pump

    The PS pump on my '78 FJ40 was installed by CCOT back in '94. It is leaking and I want to replace it. The bracket is a very custom CCOT bracket and i want to make sure I get a pump that fits. Talking with Cruiserdan a while back, he indicated that there were many different mini-truck...
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    PS Pump - Please Identify!

    The PS pump on my '78 was installed by CCOT back in '94. It is leaking and I want to replace it. The bracket is a very custom CCOT bracket and i want to make sure I get a pump that fits. Talking with Cruiserdan a while back, he indicated that there were many different mini-truck pumps...
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    Dropping transmission on a '78

    So I'm planning on dropping my tranny/tcase so I can replace the seal between them and potentially the access gaskets on the tcase if needed. It was my understanding that to do this I needed to remove the tranny hump cover inside the truck first. So tonight I set about removing the seats...
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    Wanted  Need: Straight, stock, clean relay rod

    I need a straight, stock, and relatively clean (no deep rust please) relay rod (drag link) for a '78 FJ40. Anyone in WA state got one lying around? I was able to source a good tie rod, but am still looking for a relay rod...
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    Radiator draincock cocked up

    Ok, this is supposed to be simple. I want to drain my radiator. Simple: - Find draincock (noob, so I have to look) - Put bucket underneath - Turn draincock - Watch fluid drain out But on my rig it ain't so simple. There's no cock. Just a brass 14mm plug. So I remove it expecting...
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