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  1. wimberosa

    Teseven Tubs

    Perhaps this thread may end up being a useful landing for talking about Teseven tubs. I've recently received mine and will try to document a bit about the process and what I received. Note that I'm currently engulfed in flames with my actual paying job ... so I'm not promising significant...
  2. wimberosa

    Wanted  Connector 90980-10045

    Looking for this one. Listed as 90980-10045 in the toyota pdf.
  3. wimberosa

    Wanted  FJ40 (1979) Rear U-Channel Bumper

    Need the u-channel bumper that is normally riveted to the frame/gussets and has a weld near the shackle. This is NOT the bumperettes but instead a request for the bumper that the tail-lights screw into. Bumper must be in good to great condition as this is for a restoration. Paint is...
  4. wimberosa

    caliper piston dust boot frustration

    After fiddling with this thing for the last two hours...I'm giving up until some advice. I got this kit from SOR to rebuild the caliper piston gasket and dust boot and everything went swimmingly until the dust boot. I can't tell if this design is just bs....I'm doing something wrong.... or...
  5. wimberosa

    Wanted  Toyota Chevron Mud Flaps

    Was reading about mud-flap connections awhile back and found this image in the forum. That toyota in the chevron looks really old school to me and I love it....but can't find it. Apparently available in previous years to some south...
  6. wimberosa

    Wanted  thermostat lower water housing April 1979 (FJ40)

    My lower housing has been eaten thru at the one of the screw areas. I can find various lower housings online stating that they go up to 1/79. My FJ40 was however made in April 1979. Not clear what the difference is so info on what I could get would be nice. 1) I need one lower hemisphere...
  7. wimberosa

    FJ40 color change opinion (collectors also)

    First post....but I need to wade in on an 1979 Freeborn Red FJ40 I am refurbing. At this point I've completely disassembled the body and will be having each individual part blasted to bare metal and repainted. I would like to take this truck back to close to OEM. However...big default on...
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