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  1. WALoeIII

    Weird Electrical Issue

    Where is the switch, right in the column or is it wired and further down in the dash. I don't have enough tools to remove my dash, so I'll have to hold on fixing it then.
  2. WALoeIII

    Weird Electrical Issue

    I've got a pretty strange electrical issue with my rig. I have "lost" my tail/running lights, my brake lights, my dome lights and my dash lighting (including fan). But, I still have wipers, reverse lights, all turn signals, stereo, and headlights. I checked all the fuses, and all the wires from...
  3. WALoeIII

    Post a pic of your rig...

    Never realized there was such a large LC contingency in Louisiana.
  4. WALoeIII

    Fuel mileage and big tires

    33s are 15% off, give or take 1-2%. 15% is nice for math.
  5. WALoeIII

    FJ60 fuel octane - what do you use?

  6. WALoeIII

    Desmogged Pics

    I'm looking for engine bay pictures of somone who has 100% properly desmogged their 2F. I think mine is semi-ghetto, and I wasn to do a photographic comparison and remove the extra stuff, and make sure I have everything plugged etc. I think I can do a bit better than 9 mpg on the interstate with...
  7. WALoeIII

    Clutch Woes

    A bit of history to start: Last summer my clutch main went out and I had it replaced, but I did not replace the clutch slave. After some research I found that the clutch slave often soon follows, so I bought a replacement and changed it in September. Everything has worked great. I moved up to...
  8. WALoeIII

    5 speed on ebay

    Nice score. Thats how eBay always works, the price goes up ~ 20% as people feel the need to "win" something they've invested time in.
  9. WALoeIII

    Alternator Whine (Mean Green)

    Thanks for all the help. I'll extend the ground for the head unit to where the amp grounds (bolt of driver's seat) and if that doesn't solve it I need new wires for my speakers anyways, so I'll get nice ones that also ground.
  10. WALoeIII

    Alternator Whine (Mean Green)

    That sounds right, because if I turn the car on with the radio on I get it (alt doesn't put more than about 12 right after a cold start because it idles a bit low) but if I turn the radio on after the car is going its no problem. Making my ground bigger will solve this?
  11. WALoeIII

    Alternator Whine (Mean Green)

    Hmm good info. Right now the Amp is powered and grounded by the same 2GA wire. The head unit is grounded in a different location, and it would be a bit tough to get it to the same spot where the amp is. It could be as simple as having some signal wires crossing the power wire since things got...
  12. WALoeIII

    Alternator Whine (Mean Green)

    The power lead is 2 GA and the amp only draws 300watts, its way overkill. How come I never had this problem with the stock alternator? A capacitor isn't going to "clean" the power, all it does is store it for quick release so there isn't a quick voltage drop in the system.
  13. WALoeIII

    Alternator Whine (Mean Green)

    I'm assuming these go between the coil and the plugs? I've never heard of them.
  14. WALoeIII

    Alternator Whine (Mean Green)

    I've noticed some Alternator Whine coming from my subwoofer (via amp thats directly attached to the battery). I didn't have this before I had the MG, do I need to put some kind of isolator in? The whine doesn't always happen, in fact I think if I turn the radio off before I turn the car off...
  15. WALoeIII

    Winch Options

    I'm looking to get a planetary winch for my 60 (ARB Bumper). I've always thought Warn was the way to go, but I honestly am not very educated on the subject. Is Mile Marker worth checking out? What size should I go for? Cost is more of a factor, although I think I will stay away from the Tabor...
  16. WALoeIII

    Who saw Brokeback? Who hasn't or won't?

    They could be purple lovers - I'm with Poriomania, I want to see explosions not a love story.
  17. WALoeIII

    installing cable lockers

    This requires a Full Float rear first correct?
  18. WALoeIII

    ARB Bull Bar - Turn Signal Lights?

    Do the small orange lights come with tbe bumper? Or do I need to get these separately?
  19. WALoeIII

    Its finished!

    The decision to go white only on the roof vs pulling it down the pillars was a tough one, in the end since I was 50/50 I went with the one that required less work. Alt is from Mean Green Directly. Pictures of the work can be found in my sig.
  20. WALoeIII

    Its finished!

    I think its only 200, didn't know they made a 300 amp version. was about $380
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