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  1. sadam_husain

    How to swap H55F gearbox on 70 series

    My gearbox finely died on the weekend, it had been pretty tired for the last 10 years but just kept on going but died towing my 40 series up over the rimutaka ranges, I haven't had a look at anything yet but I'm guessing the gearbox has pumped all the oil into the transfercase and the gearbox...
  2. sadam_husain

    Trail Gear Creeper flanges on FJ40 front hubs

    I brought a set of TG flanges to go on my FJ40, I took them out of the box and aren't very happy with them, the dowels are all lose in the holes I held the flange up to the light with the dowels in the holes and you can see light all around them and the splines are pretty loose and sloppy on the...
  3. sadam_husain

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 chevy swap into FJ40

    The old 350 in my cruiser has become a bit tired lately and has started oiling up plugs, its been the best 350 I've had so its a bit of a shame to see it come to the end of its life, I've had to weigh up whether to get it rebuilt, stick in a secondhand engine, stay Gen 1 or go to an LS, in the...
  4. sadam_husain

    Longfield Supersets

    How stiff should longfield birfs be, I've had a 30 spline superset in my FJ75 then my FJ40 for about 5 years that have probably done about 2000km offroad, the birfs were really stiff when I first got them and I couldnt open them right round to 40 degrees by hand and I've had them out recently...
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