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  1. ATLTJ

    For Sale  Marietta GA: black best top for Fj40

    Used besttop for sale. Asking $475(+shipping) for it. Purchased by PO and has been in my closet since. I put it on the 40 once to make sure all parts were there. Comes with all parts seen in the pictures EXCEPT the front rail that sits on the windshield (need that for the bikini top).
  2. ATLTJ

    Can someone measure the dome light for me?

    Can somebody measure the interior dome light on the driver side B pillar and post some dimensions up? Since I have an abundance of time right now I’m trying to 3-D print a replica and need some specs on it. I’ve searched around and haven’t found any length width height or any details you could...
  3. ATLTJ

    Fuel pump ID

    Dumb question, can I get some help IDing my fuel pump. I am running a 1974F 1.5 and the picture below is the current fuel pump that is installed which looks nothing like the fuel pumps on cruiser corps that should be installed for this year. Did the design change or am I running something...
  4. ATLTJ

    74’ rear hatch weatherstrip question

    I have a replacement weatherstrip seal from CCOT in looking at it closer there is a thin and a thick side on the horizontal stretches. Does anyone Know which goes to the top and which goes to the bottom?
  5. ATLTJ

    For Sale  Marietta GA: (2) RJS racing harnesses

    No history on these- (from PO) everything I have is in the picture. 10$ + the ride.
  6. ATLTJ

    For Sale  Marietta, GA: random one-offs

    Going through my parts bin- quick note- #5 was broken and“repaired” (poorly) with rivits. It is not in working condition as is. parts are the price below + the ride. 1. 5$ 2. Sold 3. 5$ 4. 5$ 6. 75$ 7. 25$ 8. 5$ 9. 5$
  7. ATLTJ

    1/2 shackle bolt question

    Trying to replace my front shackles to get rid of PO gear- noticed the bolt is 1/2 inch versus 5/8 (stock diameter)- does this pose a safety risk? I am really trying to keep the bushings intact and not go down that road just yet... Any recommendations on where to find shackles with the 1/2 bolt?
  8. ATLTJ

    SOLD  Atlanta 74’ 40 rear u bolt plates

    Looking for 2 plates if anyone has them
  9. ATLTJ

    Wanted  Atlanta - Front shackles for 74 FJ40

    Looking for a pair of stock or aftermarket for the front of a 74' 40.
  10. ATLTJ

    Wanted  GA : looking for FJ40 rear hatch handle

    looking for the a rear hatch handle and body shock mounts for the rear hatch of a 1974 FJ40
  11. ATLTJ

    For Sale  GA : RJS Racing harness, winch fairlead, tow-hook

    Just clearing out space, please PM me if interested: RJS racing harness- from PO, everything I have is in the pictures (see below)- $45 + shipping obo tow hook? - free w/ local pickup Winch Fairlead - $5 obo
  12. ATLTJ

    How dangerous is this?

    I have been working through little things on the 40 and wanted to tackle the ride height when I noticed the ubolt attachments are different and a little bent. How dangerous is this to keep riding on while I get parts together?
  13. ATLTJ

    Wanted  Marietta GA FJ40 door bows for hard top

    Parts 35 to 38 on the diagram: Land Cruiser Hard top, Side Panels, Glass and Weatherstrip - FJ40 and BJ40 Series
  14. ATLTJ

    Wanted  Marietta GA - FJ40 hood prop rod, bumparetts, F motor valve cover

    I wanted to put my xmas list out there.. If Anyone has spares and wants to sell, please pm me!
  15. ATLTJ

    For Sale  Atlanta : pair of hyper shackles

    Taking my FJ40 back towards stock. These were put on by the PO. Based on the fact that when I purchased my FJ40 that it barley climbed into the trailer, these have probably not seen much use. $110 OBO + the ride from 30064.
  16. ATLTJ

    For Sale  Atlanta 74' FJ40 Center Console

    Replaced with a Tuffy- $45 + Ride (shipping from 30064)
  17. ATLTJ

    homemade shackle ID?

    Does anyone recognize these shackles or are they definitely homemade?
  18. ATLTJ

    Removing lift/teraflex advice

    Looking to remove teraflex revolver shackles to go more towards stock. In the front I have teraflex(s) and reversed shackles, on the rear I have a double shackle? Any advice on removing/replacing and going less aggressive? Also, if I elect to keep the lift can I just measure the overall height...
  19. ATLTJ

    Wanted  2F alternator mounting bracket shipped to 30064

    looking for a 2F alternator mounting bracket and tensioner. I would also be interested in a working alternator. Looking to swap sides on my 74' F1.5
  20. ATLTJ

    belt discombobulation question

    I have a F1.5 engine with the saginaw ps upgrade. I started getting a belt squeal above 2500 RPM. In looking at the single belt it connects the PS (driver side mount) to the alternator (drivers side mount) the WP and crank all on one belt. The PS and front of the harmonic balancer have a...
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