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  1. cicak

    Volvo 4 - WR6944 x-Malaysian Police Riot Squad.

    6 November 2018 Introducing Volvo 4 another ex- Malaysian Police Riot squad truck. Volvo 1 is almost completed Volvo 2 is stuck in the queue waiting for Engine mounts to be built while they attend to the unexpected Pinzgauer engine rebuild during the middle of a PINZ restoration project. Volvo...
  2. cicak

    Builds  Volvo 2 - C304 from totally neglected to something different

    The first part of the build can be found in the Volvo truck section but the truck is taking a hardcore attitude so I will push the remainder of the build to here Volvo 2 - No not another one
  3. cicak

    Volvo 2 - No not another one

    Ok so while rebuilding the Volvo I got the idea to restore another and do it faster this time and do the work myself where posible. Volvo's here for sale are few and far between. Suddenly we had one for $70,000rm(15,000EU) "restored" looked terrible. Then one popped up for 16,000rm (3,000EU) I...
  4. cicak

    T MAX TMAEWI8500 wiring diagram needed

    I am installing a new T MAX 18500 (24VOLT Yellow one) winch into my Volvo C304 and I have the winch installed in position however I do not have the wiring diagram as the previous people doing the install removed the remote the wiring (RED/YELLOW/BLACK) and disconnect the winch controller. All...
  5. cicak

    Reds time has come COMP to play

    I was asked wanna put red in a comp they cant decide if they will accept my zook as a real 4x4 or a buggy. You can have the entry fee all paid by tourism malasyia. So two foreigners my self and kgb start in 2 hours time. Red has played up of course yesterday morning tossed a uni joint and...
  6. cicak

    Damn they ripped the recovery point out

    So RED was returned to me from the 2013 in a sorry state. Alternator replaced as filled with MUDDY water, would not turn off unless in reverse was replaced a few weeks ago with a brand new toyota one to fix the issue. Ripped out recovery point in chassis Wipers broken and a whole list of...
  7. cicak

    WARN 8274 strip down and rebuild after trip.

    After two really hard trips which had the winch under mud and winching hard and then rescuing two vehicles on a "easy" recent trip time to see how the modified WARN 8274 fared. Also mr Metcalfe had noticed we put the spacer in the wrong place as we could not read the gigglepin instructions or...
  8. cicak

    Malaysia 400kilometer Kayak Paddle supported by Toyota

    I used to post my trip stories on the 70 Series but the admisirators have decided after 6 years of stories they are not technical so I have been kicked into the Chit Chat section. Hope you enjoy this 11 day story from other part of the world. 30k into the trip the thunderstorm hits me head on...
  9. cicak

    Winch comparosin

    Showing the difference in the Malaysian SUN (God) winch vs stock Runva two speed vs Runva standard vs WARN 8274 over the same 2 obstacles. The D90 was on 33" sneakers the rest on 35" Sneakers. The Blue Landcruiser Open diffs RED landcruiser rear Locker and used only 2WD (4WD was broken on this...
  10. cicak

    the 4WD light would not come on

    Did a trip 3 days in the jungle (30 Sep to 2 October) no 4WD no matter what we did the air lines leaked and leaked. So I did the whole tough trip in 2WD and used the GOD winch to pull me outta trouble effortlessless. The customers did not even know I was in 2WD till day 2 when we went for an...
  11. cicak

    Malaysia Kayak trip/expedition Part 1 170 of a 380k trip.

    My stories usually are posted on the 70 Series forum but the admisirators clamped down on my 8 years of story telling and I have to move them here. This is a video story of the pics. The video of the video clips is still being made as is the final diary. It ain't on youtube as it has music :) ...
  12. cicak

    Malaysia 2013 Kayaking 402k down Perak River

    402kilometer Kayaking trip trying to go whole way unsupported except where compulsory or necessary This trip is broken into two parts Days 1 to 10 200kilometres across 4 dams starting in Kejar rapids Royal Belum park following the path of the old Sungai Perak on the dams and fishing for Toman...
  13. cicak

    cengal besar video part 1

    Put together from 4 cameras part 1 of the trip to the big chengal tree or cengal besar in bahasa. Part 2 in two weeks time
  14. cicak

    Pokok Cengal Besar (tree Chengal Big) 20130713 Malaysia

    12.30am sleep - 2.45am what the hell is that noise - Damn Alarm and the phone ringing time to get up Axe is outside. Oh yeah I organised a 3 day trip stupid idea now i'm exhausted. Stagger downstairs pickup the chickens and the fridge items into Blue yes Blue the only truck we have left running...
  15. cicak

    Shooting RED BULL add - just had ta do it.

    Shooting a RED BULL add today with 10 4x4's one of them a new Volvo C304 which has joined our group. I just could not resist it being winched after we pretended in the ADD the volvo had a working winch. They made us pull the winch cable etc all of which we would never do in the jungle...
  16. cicak

    Pin Hole in a Diesel Filter

    Recently I went from Kuala Lumpur to IPOH (205k away) to visit the Volvo in hospital in the yellow truck and then up to Gopeng 29k away. On the way to Gopeng I could smell diesel got to Gopeng at the equipment shed and opened the bonnet DIESEL everywhere. Fuel leak damn. I left the truck as...
  17. cicak

    TV shoot second in 2 Weeks

    Another TV shoot Yesterday this one same as last Yes had to rescue the star but trying to do so reCieved the biggest ever smack Ive had in 8 years of guiding chest first onto a rock over a drop without my board swimming after him, it hurt. I soldiered on the star was shocked he saw the hit after...
  18. cicak

    Driven to Extreme Nat Geo Shoot - Malaysia

    Got a call mate 6 trucks needed for a video shoot (17-20 December) big stars cannot tell you their names rate is BAD but it will be fun. The TV program is Nat Geo Shell Helix Driven to extremes. Ok I’m in I give you BLUE to Drive I take Yellow and we got Kantha (KK) to drive RED. Then it dawns...
  19. cicak

    13B-T rebuild needed

    Tuesday - nightgave my Red truck to the employee while I took the Isuzu for a service and Would drive it baCK up saturday morning. Wed arvo I get a call Dad at rawang service station 30 k from my house RED is making bad noise and smoke from engine. The rawang mechanic went and had a look...
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