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  1. knoll0351

    McGrew Trail Event 2014

    It's that again, lets start getting the ball rolling for another great run! I'll be posting a thread in or members only section to hammer out details, but this thread can launch our public discussions. Lets get the word out so we keep people coming back. Also really excited that we're going back...
  2. knoll0351

    New to me 80 build/tech assistance request

    Hello all eighty series guru's! I'm the proud owner of '94 eighty and have been grinding out getting everything dialed in. I'm at a point now where I'm not finding what I'm looking for and it is possible my lack of computer savvy is causing my issue. So if I'm trying to find help on something...
  3. knoll0351

    Poll for to purchase machine shop for club use and investment purposes.

    So I motion that we purchase this great deal with club funds. I'm sure Jesse, or possibly even Matt wouldn't mind storing these few small items for our use. In previous thread, that went a little sideways, we have gotten as far as my motion and...
  4. knoll0351

    Finally moving on and letting go LOL

    I finally have the add posted but would like some input from those of you that have had more success selling vehicles (Kief, Jerod, ...). If you could just take a look at my add and maybe critique wording, pix, price.... How flexible I should be...
  5. knoll0351

    Motion for club investment

    So I motion that we purchase this great deal with club funds. I'm sure Jesse, or possibly even Matt wouldn't mind storing these few small items for our use.
  6. knoll0351

    New to me 80

    Who's got an eighty? This guy! Thanks to the efforts and kindness of Tyler I now have a Toyota again. Now let the tlc and elbow grease begin!
  7. knoll0351


    In that order!! :banana:;):banana:
  8. knoll0351

    Bumper on Sammy

    Finally back on MUD, well from mobile app I'm here again at least. Well here is the build of my bumper for the Sammy. It took a couple hours to get the over kill tow bar that was half inch material welded for almost ten inches on both sides and too the original tow points off using my plasma...
  9. knoll0351

    FJC Upgrades for sale, I no longer have an FJ

    FJC ARB Roof Rack, Sway Away 3" lift, Alpro Bumper I no longer have an FJ So I have some FJC stuff for sale: Sway Away RaceRunner 3" lift, coil overs, rear springs and rear bilstein shocks. I'd like to get $900.00 for this complete but am certainly open to offers, I'd much rather get it to...
  10. knoll0351

    Engine Stand?

    So I bought a VW Jetta Diesel motor to put into my Samurai almost a year ago. The kit is pretty complete as the adapter allows to bolt right to the bell housing and they wiring harness will plug into my existing harness even the header is supposed to use my existing exaust. Aside from plumbing...
  11. knoll0351

    Dual Battery set up questions...

    So I recently installed a 2 meter ham radio in my cruiser and am looking to install a second battery so that I can leave it on as a repeater station without worrying about killing my “main” battery. From the electrical side it seems pretty straight forward and reasonably inexpensive. I’ve seen...
  12. knoll0351

    TLCA #'s

    So this is just a bit of book keeping. If you have recieved your TLCA number since your joining Jefferson State Cruisers and have not forwarded that number to us please do so. I have just submitted our Club in Good Standing form for this year (which I just found out should have been done in...
  13. knoll0351

    Gun Rack ... and Radio or ... What do you think?

    I finally decided that there really isn't anywhere else for a gun rack to go so I got to building. I could have actually moved it about another two inches toward the windshield but wanted to make sure the visors cleared. Since I had quite a bit of room left over on the driver side I added a...
  14. knoll0351


    Just a sad day note. I just took Mickey to the vet and found out that he has a torn ACL in his left rear leg. Boy do I wish it had been a broken leg after all :frown: Our vet basically said that this is unfortunately common in large bread dogs. He can do surgery that may or may not work...
  15. knoll0351

    What did I get myself into?

    I now know why I don't visit the 80 forum. Edit: Tittle should be what did Tyler drag me into :grinpimp:
  16. knoll0351

    Can you use stock shocks with 3" Sway Away lift?

    I got the 3" Sway away lift before running Rubithon last year and got all the goodies to go with it, ie rear springs shocks... I was under my rig doing some inspection before a family run this weekend and see that my pass side is bent and driver is blown (leaking fluid). Since we are planning...
  17. knoll0351

    Pet/Cargo Barrier for FJC

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but about six months ago I looked everywhere for some sort of cargo barrier that would fit the FJC and found nothing that would even be adaptable for what I was looking for. Today I was looking at Corey's gear review thread in camping gear and when he gave...
  18. knoll0351

    How much for rear bumper?

    I'm planning on fabbing up a rear bumper for my FJC. After much looking and some shopping I haven't found anything that I like. Not only have I not been able to find what I'm looking for, but everything I have found is far more money than I think it should be. So I'm planning on making my own...
  19. knoll0351

    Hope we are able to quell this one!

    House Bill 2186 - Oregon seeks to outlaw aftermarket auto parts Another thread on the topic...
  20. knoll0351


    Bleeding Heart Liberal A holes! Take Action: Urge Your Representative to Vote Against S. 22 Omnibus Legislation!
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