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  1. boots4

    Gear install shops

    I'm looking at installing 4.88s in my D60 front and 14 bolt rear. Debating on whether to do this myself or not. Thought I'd look into some local shop's prices. Anyone have a shop they used that did a good job? Does 4wheelparts do decent work?
  2. boots4

    Dusy Ershim 2010 trip report

    I'm hoping this will be the collection for the 2010 Dusy Ershim trip report. Four trucks on the run: My diesel powered FJ60 on 37s Dusty's 1ton built FJ80 (Lexus badged) on 42s Rick's FJ80 supercharged on 37s Andy's deep geared crawling FJ60 on 37s First off, what an amazing trail...
  3. boots4

    CascadeCruiser's C.Tree run Dec 6th

    I just got some info on the Cascade Cruisers Christmas tree run so I thought I'd post it. When: Dec 6th Where: Goat Mountain Meet up: East side folks: Meet at the Berry Hill Shopping center (Albertsons/Kmart parking lot) right where hwy 213 (cascade hwy) and Beavercreek Rd intersect. They will...
  4. boots4

    Supply and return

    Quick question, Which side is the supply and which is the return? This is an '85 FJ60 gas tank, thanks
  5. boots4

    Builds  Family haulin'

    Family haulin' FJ60 ********************************************************************************************************** These are the main points of a group of posts. (NOTE: These no longer work due to the forum software update) posts 1-30... FJ60 tear down and 2F engine pull, cut...
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