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  1. TexFJ

    AHC debug... won't go HI

    Just purchased my LX470 so bear with me. My AHC will go down from N position to LOW. But it never comes up to N if requested through the UP button. Once I start driving, it will go from LOW to N, as it should. It will not go into HI from N... It will not go into N from Low. Is my button UP...
  2. TexFJ

    Asymmetrical resistance on the A440F output shaft when hand torsion applied

    I'm 85% done with my split case rebuild behind an A440F on my FJ62, while A440F remains on the LC. After I put all the gears back on, I noticed that there is a lot more resistance spinning the gears in one direction than the other. Thought it was my thrust washer but that's in place. Finally...
  3. TexFJ

    rough looking part in the A440F... modified or stock?

    Doesn't seem like this rod is factory produced... or is it. Seems like a piece was torched off????
  4. TexFJ

    Wear from a missing o-ring....

    No wonder I was hearing that hum... Taking my TC apart for a rebuild, I discovered lots o' play in the input gear. Took it off and noticed that the FSM mentioned O-ring was missing and saw how screwed I was... Soooo, how much effort is it to change this Automatic Transmission Output...
  5. TexFJ

    Whats my window for adjusting the valves? (update: FJ62)

    OK, FSM says you have to warm up the engine before adjusting the valves. Great. I will warm it up, but will it stay warm enough while I struggle with the valve cover, TDC, checking... etc.? What's my window here? hour?
  6. TexFJ

    253 ft-lbs? DIY SST for crank pulley bolt

    Tried to manufacture an SST... 4th time's the charm. 1/8" steel not strong enough. I first tried to drill the holes to fit around the nut, but the holes were too close too the edge and didn't have enough metal. tried to put them closer to the center but still not enough. So I just went out...
  7. TexFJ

    Any body paint the inside of their timing gear covers?

    The original cover had paint on the inside that was flaking off, so I helped it out. Now do I paint this or just keep bare and assume the oil will prevent it from rusting. Same for the flange, do I repaint it?
  8. TexFJ

    Crankshaft timing cover Off - bolt length question

    the PO or his mechanic really screwed up the bolts on the crankshaft timing cover. Now I'm not sure the screws are the right dimension. Anyone have the dimensions of these B and C so I can double check their length? Starting from the one that is being unscrewed going clockwise. looks like I...
  9. TexFJ

    idler pulleys on fj62

    For some reason, the FSM and Toyota sites don't have too much info on the pulleys. I'm trying to figure out whether the two idler pulleys are the same, A/C pulley and PS pulley. They look a little different to me so should I also assume the bearings will be different?
  10. TexFJ

    Fan clutch timing using an Iphone

    Found a way to calculate my fan clutch speed using my iphone's slow mo speed. 70 degree day cold start had it at 60%.... sounds a little too much. Need to do it when the engine is warm, but I'm not sure if it'll change as the gauge never goes abofe 1/4
  11. TexFJ

    Emergency Brake Cable off at Brake shop... do it yourself.

    decided to save some money and have the brake shop machine my drums, and since they were in there replace the shoes. They put it all together and the pedal felt really soft and the hand brake wasn't working. They looked at me and said they adjusted the crank wheel accordingly... told them to...
  12. TexFJ

    Perforations in the FJ62 dash

    Any issues with the dash covers not having these perforations?
  13. TexFJ

    front seat swap?

    Anyone try a simple temp fix for the seat cushion crush, swapping left and right seat cushions? I would think that it would hold the foam replacement off for sometime. Could the rails be only swapped from seat bottom or would I have to do the invasive seat cushion install?
  14. TexFJ

    handle color mismatch again...

    Frustrating to think you've found a matching set of handles and plugs only to realize they do not match 7461714010B3 8 $ 1.65 PLIG, ASSIST GRIP MD.CHARCOAL 746101002013 4 $ 16.58 GRIP SUB-ASSEMBLY ASSIST, FRONT; ASSIST, REAR. GRAY I was willing to live with gray instead of ivory...
  15. TexFJ

    Highway Noise... is it the tranny?

    Happens at highway speeds, in both 4th and 3rd gears under load as it goes away when foot is taken off the accelerator... There's the engine noise and then the humming. sounds like the humming coming below me.
  16. TexFJ

    Searchable FJ62 Manual

    We all have the PDF of the Parts catalog that seemed to have started out as MicroFiche, however has anyone put that through an Adobe Scan to recognize text and make it searchable? It would be a quick guide if we could search it instead of scrolling..... and scrolling.....
  17. TexFJ

    12.5s on a 6" rim?

    Just noticed that the PO put 12.5 on the stock FJ62 chrome 6 " wheels. Interesting, should I be concerned? I think I'm riding on some 13 yr old balloons.
  18. TexFJ

    Why different belts for 8/87-8/88 and 8/88-1/90 on SOR?

    And what if your production date was "8/88"? Do both work? Was a pulley modified?
  19. TexFJ

    Knock Thud debug (video)

    So a more pronounced thud appeared last week. Started worrying me as I thought maybe it was my tie rods and nobody wants to lose a tie rod when they're driving. Here is a video of knocking during sharp turning: My rods are a little loose.... is this travel per design?
  20. TexFJ

    Can I mix grease in knuckle?

    Want to fill up my knuckles with the recommended NLGI No.2 through the knuckle plug, however I have no idea what is in there. Any concerns about mixing with any particular greases that may use incompatible thickening agents? Perhaps there are rules of thumb on color, assuming I can dig some...
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