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  1. Blue 60

    Has anyone done this to a 60 or 62?

    I found the pics that bigbrown posted about a year or two ago on their website. They are a Dutch couple (I think....) and I got to their website from a links page on another site that I can't remember or find right now. will post an answer if I find it... (edit) Here is the link...
  2. Blue 60

    ROTW: kevinmrowland

    WOW!!!!! Totally blow away! That was my first thought. My second was that I don't think that I've ever seen a ROTW on mud anywhere that the owner pretty much filled the whole first page with serious mods and technical stuff like that..... Wow! :eek: I want a 1HZ now...:crybaby: I think...
  3. Blue 60

    Knuckle servicing

    If one was to order a kit from MAF or another vendor, is that all you need for parts to service the knuckles on a 60. My 60 has 150,xxx on the clock, so I would assume that it would probably be best to replace the bearings? I know someone who has tools, so that isn't an issue. Also, does...
  4. Blue 60

    Help. Gassy smell in cab and engine bay

    The Answer We took a look right after driving it and while it was running and it turns out that the fuel pump had a leak that we didn't see before. Thus being in the engine bay, the fumes were readily available to the vent while idling and at low speeds. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've...
  5. Blue 60

    Help. Gassy smell in cab and engine bay

    No spills on the intake. There's always a bit of neg. pressure when the tank is empty, but I don't think so now... I'll check later. I'll check the return line too. Vapor canister??? Is that the charcoal canister? Thanks
  6. Blue 60

    Help. Gassy smell in cab and engine bay

    There is a strong gasoline odor coming somewhere from my 60 series. I followed the fuel line from thegas tank to the carb and there were nor leaks. When idling at a stop light or even driving slowly, the odor is sucked into the cab. At highway speeds it goes away. With the garage door shut it...
  7. Blue 60

    Can we get a rig of the week, month? ROTW,ROTM?

    In honor of Princess... I think that Exiled's previous ride, princess ought to be the inaugural "60" to kick it all off. It could be a shared rotw b/t Henry (if he is willing) and princess' new owner. I think that most of us would agree that Henry's rig has been the guiding light for alot of...
  8. Blue 60

    rear shoulder belt questions

    I bought some mid 80's Toyota pickup seatbelts and have gotten them to work with a little creativity. What you will find is that the length of the belt can become the limiting factor. Mine are just long enough to get over my 5 year old's lap when he sits on his booster seat. I think it is...
  9. Blue 60

    Locking Diffs

    So, here's my question. 80's series can lock both the front and rear diffs if they have the elec. lockers or an aftermarket locker. And if you put the correct switch in, you can have a selectable center diff as well..... So, with the 60 series transfer case, is it locked (50/50 power split)...
  10. Blue 60

    Peterson's 4Wheel Off Road Article

    If you have access to or have older issues of Peterson's or 4Wheel Off-road (I don't remember which), the 1994 April, May, & June issues have a really nice write up on driving a 60 Series thru Costa Rica. It was a blue '84 w/ a 2" OME lift, 31's and other goodies. It was one of the factors...
  11. Blue 60

    What is your dream FJ60, what is the goal?

    thanks for pointing that out. with as new as I am to motors and trannys and such, I didn't even think about that. I also just assumed that a 5600 was just a evenly spaced six speed. I didn't think that it might be a 5 speed w/ a granny low..... oops :doh: :ban: Blue 60
  12. Blue 60

    What is your dream FJ60, what is the goal?

    First of all, I think that most of us would agree that Exiled has one of the greatest looking/performing 60 series, period. I would do alot of the things he has done. Not to copy, but because it works. Although I really want to try a Tourag (sp?) V10 diesel in mine someday....(since you put...
  13. Blue 60

    upgraded radio

    OK, I'm in the process of installing a new CD/AM/FM radio in my '84 60. Does anyone have a pic of a bracket they have made to mount their new head units. Or how have you all done it? (In dash only please. I don't have a tuffy center console...) I have fabbed up a face-plate ring that fills...
  14. Blue 60

    HFS or Dakar

    throwing a wrench in the works So.... Here's a question I have had for quite a while. Spring rate wise, where does a stock spring set-up fall in the Light/Medium/Heavy debate? I don't normally put a lot in my 60 because it's a DD. But I do at times load it up. If I wanted to keep a similar...
  15. Blue 60

    Front Diff fill method?

    I agree w/ sandcruiser and fjbj40. I combined what they did and it worked great. I had a gallon bottle of 90w and put it in a large pot of water on the stove and heated it up till it was about 160 degrees. It is pretty thin then. Then the assistant holding the plastic hose part works great...
  16. Blue 60

    cable lockers

    Did/does anyone else make cable lockers for thier vehicles? Aftermarket (non-toyota)? Just a curiosity question? Blue 60
  17. Blue 60

    Brrr... It's Cold In Here.

    Hey Doc, we called in at -11F yesterday morning. I had changed my oil and front diff. fluid on saturday (and had a lot of fun romping through 16" of snow) and wondered what I did to my truck until someone at work said it was -11F. My brakes were stiff and the clutch was too. I think it took a...
  18. Blue 60

    Why I hate MY FJ60 today...

    So has anyone figured out a way to power a block heater while the truck is sitting in a parking lot at work??? I'm going to be getting a freeze plug style block heater (very soon) and ws wondering if anyone has figured out a way to have it start at 3:00 p.m. with a timer or something. Maybe...
  19. Blue 60

    Why I hate MY FJ60 today...

    Doc, Doc, Doc, welcome back to reality here in our great state of I-O-WAY!!! Overly hot summers and dang cold winters. :ban: When we moved back to the C.F. area, my wife insisted on a connected garage. :grinpimp: Our prevoius house only had a one car garage so mine stayed outside during...
  20. Blue 60

    New Roof Rack

    nice I'm thinking about building one like that too. Is it 48" on the inside or the outside? And what kind of clamps are those? Way cool. Blue 60
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