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  1. sadam_husain

    FJ40 Pics from "Back in the day" (70's, 80's)

    My first 40 back around 1989 loaded up with firewood with my mate Rob standing beside it
  2. sadam_husain

    FJ40 Pics from "Back in the day" (70's, 80's)

    Thanks for re-posting that mate I enjoyed watching it :beer:
  3. sadam_husain

    Builds 1975 FJ45-Running Rebuild

    a brand new house and a brand new FJ45 that pretty much fulfils the lifetime dreams :)
  4. sadam_husain

    Builds 1975 FJ45-Running Rebuild

    Fantastic progress mate, despite the cost you wont regret replacing the floorpan in that tub, have you moved into that new house yet it must be close to finished?
  5. sadam_husain

    Bilstein 5100 shock question

    ^^^^ x2 on that the only way to confirm what compressed/extended lengths you need is to cycle the suspension to measure it anything else is just guessing and running the risk of shocks that bottoming out or cant extend fully and that results in limiting travel and usually damaging the shocks
  6. sadam_husain

    Output flange recondition needed? Drip

    as above posts first choice is replacing the flange and second choice speedi sleeve
  7. sadam_husain

    F-engine first time start-up....almost.

    congrats on getting the engine started up mate :) its not unusual for anything that gets hot to smoke a bit after a rebuild as it burns paint, oil, residue etc off, if the timing is retarded too much your exhaust manifold and exhaust will get really hot and if its retarded enough it'll glow red
  8. sadam_husain

    Builds BJ43 1979 “Save the beauty”

    outstanding restoration mate :)
  9. sadam_husain

    Chevy 350 mini starter

    as already mentioned don't forget to check/upgrade/replace your battery cables while your at it I went through a few starter motors with hot start problems until I found I had a problem with the earth lead connection
  10. sadam_husain

    Builds 1975 FJ45-Running Rebuild

    those rear cross members aren't the best for towing off you'll get away with it but they tend to start twisting my old fj45 had a towbar mounted much the same as that and although it had some diagonal braces tied back to the chassis rails it still twisted up towing heavy trailers, when I did the...
  11. sadam_husain

    82 fj40 factory fitted 5 speed?

    don't quote me and all markets were different specs but my understanding is only LX models came out with a factory H55F 5 speed someone will advise if that's not correct, my 40 has one but its been retro fitted by a previous owner
  12. sadam_husain

    New clutch options

    I've run a centreforce clutch in my 40 for the past 6-7 years with stock master and slave cylinders and mines always been light on the pedal, its still got all the weights on the diaphragm fingers, the 2f clutch in my 70 series setup as a twin disc has a heavier feel than my centreforce
  13. sadam_husain

    '84 FJ40 GM Vortec 4L80e original fuel tank fit

    if your longer drive train extends past the tube crossmember behind the stock transfercase location your under floor tank wouldn't be likely to fit anymore
  14. sadam_husain

    Builds 1975 FJ45-Running Rebuild

    I hope that pad's the garage :)
  15. sadam_husain

    Longfeilds install problem on fj40

    if your running longfields you want to use their chromoly hub gears as well, not sure if they fit warn hubs but I've put some into a set of Asian hubs, I've got an old longfield birf here that the splines stripped when a standard hub gear blew apart and wrecked the birf
  16. sadam_husain

    Wheel cylinders are different sizes fj40

    yeah as above mate, just replace them with new ones if they are still available
  17. sadam_husain

    F155 head removal question

    They are really really heavy :) :)
  18. sadam_husain

    FJ40 mechanical fuel pump fitment

    what were the problems with the electric fuel pumps I ran them for years on multiple SBC cruisers without problems
  19. sadam_husain

    Seatbelt internal failure, serviceable?

    personally I never mess about with defective seatbelts I'd use aftermarket or anything else anyday rather than put myself or anyone else at risk, last time I changed my fj40 seatbelts I used the retractors out of a 2000 Toyota camry and swapped my belts onto them the retractors were a pretty...
  20. sadam_husain

    V8 gurus - Lend me your collective engine location knowledge!

    I know its a lot more mucking around and you don't have accessory bolt holes in your heads but you can always fab up a custom bracket to mount the pump up a bit higher away from the steering shaft, just have to make sure you've still got enough belt wrap around the pump pulley so it doesn't slip
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