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  1. rapovt

    3B injector pump parts

    Anybody have any ideas?
  2. rapovt

    3B injector pump parts

    My local injection pump rebuilder is having a hard time sourcing parts for rebuilding. These are the part numbers that I need; 4 of # 090150-2550 Element 1 of # 090580-0041 Diaphragm 1 of # 190890-0260 Kit This are Denso # 's Pump # is 190000-6120 Beno has found a diaphragm and I am looking...
  3. rapovt

    New turbo with bad seals after 10 miles

    I talked with James at Cruiserparts. He said that he has sold a bunch of these kits and has never seen this happen. He thinks that the turbo is bad, so He is going to supply a new one. I asked about a restrictor. He said he has never used one in his kits. He looked at the FSM and parts lists and...
  4. rapovt

    New turbo with bad seals after 10 miles

    Well I figured out what my smoking problem was. It is blown seals on my new turbo after about 10 miles. It is a kit from that uses all Toyota parts. I have oil in my intake and exhaust and dripping from the bottom of the turbo. I checked and my supply line is attached to the...
  5. rapovt

    1HZ Smoking

    Thanks Yotahead. I will see what I can find in the morning
  6. rapovt

    1HZ Smoking

    I have about 6 gallons of fuel in the tank, how much atf should I add?
  7. rapovt

    1HZ Smoking

    the turbo was brand new. Also the oring on the thermo wax shaft and the fuel cutoff solenoid are dripping. I should have those replacements tomorow
  8. rapovt

    1HZ Smoking

    I put a 1HZ in my 60. The motor has sat for 6 years in my heated garage. I put a 1HDt turbo on it. I have idled the motor for a couple of months and drove it around the yard some and no smoke. I took it for a drive on the road. Went about a mile in 3rd and 4 th, a little black smoke when I step...
  9. rapovt

    1HZ starting help

    Took the fuel shutoff out and tested it. Worked good. Had fuel to inlet of pumploosened all 6 lnjectors,cranked for 3 minutes. Nothing. Loosened injector lines at pump,nothing. Took out fuel shutoff,used pump on filter to push out hole, came pretty easy. Turned over for a couple of...
  10. rapovt

    1HZ starting help

    I put a 1HZ in my 60 series. It was a 24 volt motor that I am changing to 12 volt. Will the 24 volt fuel cutoff solenoid work with 12 volt? I put 12 volt to it and I hear a weak click. I have plenty of fuel to the top of the injector pump. I loosened an injector line at the injector and it is...
  11. rapovt

    1HZ into an 87 FJ

    I am putting a 1HZ in a 87 FJ60. I had someone that was supposed to make me some engine mounts but never came through. So when I took out the motor, I did not measure the front. I read Vtcruisers and Kevin M.'s thread and need some clarification. The back is easy, on the original crossmember and...
  12. rapovt

    How to "kill" a 3B has all kinds of cables. Works great on my 2H
  13. rapovt

    12H-T intercooler install

    How did you decide on the size for the intercooler? Is there any science involved or was it a "it looks good and the price is right" decision? I am going to find one for my 1hz
  14. rapovt

    Tundra Diesel at SEMA

    Just got back from Sema. They had a "project diesel Tundra" . Crew cab dually with 8.0 litre Hino diesel with a 6 speed manual. I talked with the guy in charge of the project and he did not want to give an answer to when it might be out. After talking with him for a while he said probaly 2...
  15. rapovt

    2F to 2H swap

    I just found this thread. I have a 2H in a 75 FJ40. I fabbed my own motor mounts and modified the HJ60 crossmember. I got a 12v starter and alternator from OZ. I was bound and determined to get the edic to work and after about 25 hours I gave up. I bought a cable from WAY...
  16. rapovt

    How Does a 1HZ Compare to a 2F?

    Does a supercharger give more power than a turbo? how does fuel mileage compare to a turbo?
  17. rapovt

    Diesel conversion

    you can also run power brakes off a hydrovac which is run by your power steering pump
  18. rapovt

    AXT 3B Air Intake Elbow

    Find one on ebay. alot of turbo piping and elbows
  19. rapovt

    Turbo Glide or AXT Turbo Group Buy Interest?

    I am interested in one for a 1HZ
  20. rapovt

    H diesel

    I put a 2H in a 75 fj40-mounts are way different
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