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  1. custyota

    Looking for 2002-2007 Landcruiser soon

    Glad you found the forum @AndrewBitleris I will text Greg for you. These guys and gals have a wealth of knowledge except @lt1fire he's just fun to look at :flipoff2::hillbilly:
  2. custyota

    ONLINE MEETING = 4/9/20 (7PM to 7:40PM)

    ooh I wanna join! @jamesurq
  3. custyota

    The COVID Thread

    Few pics from local vons grocery. Nobody wants the vegan stuff 🤔 @GLTHFJ60
  4. custyota

    The COVID Thread

    On the National Forest I work on we are having people leave the cities and come here (mostly rock climbers, I hate climbers lol) The problem is our towns are small and rural and not equipped to handle the max influx of people. Neither are our grocery stores or hospitals. My recommendation is...
  5. custyota

    Cape Lookout trip this weekend?

    Stay put and plan a trip for another time
  6. custyota

    ONSC Meet and Greet Weekend Campout 2020 - March 6-8th

    I miss the barn! and ONSC
  7. custyota

    ONSC Meet and Greet Weekend Campout 2020 - March 6-8th

    Meeting of the round table? The Knights of ONSC :hillbilly: :hmm:
  8. custyota

    Chinese "ARB" Lockers & Compressors

    Roger that! Thanks
  9. custyota

    Chinese "ARB" Lockers & Compressors

    What does Teslas battery factory have to do with knock off 4wd parts? Or did I miss something @Izzyandsue I've seen a lot of Chinese knock off tents, racks and other accessories. Never really anything mechanical.
  10. custyota

    What are you listening to right now???

    Stick Figure, jamming out while at work!
  11. custyota

    Adventures of meatball

  12. custyota

    Adventures of meatball

    I should come visit you for sure! I have several friends in the area. hmm :hmm::hmm::hmm:
  13. custyota

    Adventures of meatball

    is that a threat or promise? @GLTHFJ60 has been threatening me for awhile.
  14. custyota

    Adventures of meatball

    Few more pics. The two pics on the road are from my daily commute.
  15. custyota

    Adventures of meatball

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update, not sure anyone cares lol Some of you know I’ve moved up to Bishop, Ca. I took a job with the Forest Service and I’m living out my life long dream of living in the Eastern Sierra. Below are a few random pics from my travels. The cruiser has come a...
  16. custyota

    Overland East 2019 Announcement

    Hey y'all I have a buddy from California flying out to attend Expo East. Everyone meet Jeff @2000_land_cruiser He could use some cruiser guys to hang out with. @GLTHFJ60 are you going?
  17. custyota

    Events/Trails Logans Run 2019 - September 19-22nd OFFICIAL THREAD.

    This is going to be awesome! Wish I Could attend!
  18. custyota

    Hurricane Dorian

    Stay safe y'all! @uzj100 oriental is pretty low and floods, it all depends on the directions of the winds. I use to live across the river from there.
  19. custyota

    You have been SPOTTED!

    That last pic @jrmudder92 what are you doing up in Brevard area? That spot is not too far from my Moms house. I can see The Hub on the hill lol
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