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  1. thecrazygreek

    Going to be buying some 33 x 10.50 tires. Lets see what you suggest by answering my poll.

    These are going in my 64 Horizon Blue rig. Thanks for voting!
  2. thecrazygreek

    F.D Knob Repops

    I have been goofing around with knobs for my 64. I don't post a lot in the 25 section but thought I would as it's a 25 series thing as well. I created some knobs that look similar to OEM, but are for different solutions. I have a Krupp ? Style heater but didn't like the knob solution it...
  3. thecrazygreek

    Wanted  Looking for title and frame FJ40 pre 75.

    Would be willing to take whatever you got. Doesn't matter what condition. My next project needs to start from the barest of bones... ;)
  4. thecrazygreek

    SOLD  Complete Throttle Linkage taken from 78 FJ40.

    $100 plus ride from 97304 This was pulled from my 78 Olive rig in lieu of a Sniper Kit.
  5. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  OEM Gauge Cluster from 77 FJ40

    This is a fully functioning, not restored gauge cluster taken from my 77. I'm planning on installing a Dakota Digital into that project. Up to buyer if you want to repaint the outer bezel or run as is. I will install LED lights if buyer would like at no extra cost. Asking 175.00 OBO. Plus the...
  6. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  8274 Winch. Needs restoring. Salem Oregon.

    Picked this up with my 77 purchase. Dont have the desire to restore. Idk what they are going for in this condition, but it's all there, and restorable. 450 bucks is what I want to get for it...
  7. thecrazygreek

    These new aluminium "steelie" wheels from the fjcompany are pretty sweet!

    Looks like 16 x 6" accepts hubcaps, aluminum. Cones in grey at $260.00 per wheel. More pics on their site.
  8. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  More FJ40 parts. Steering wheel, 2f alt bracket and more!

    Something is driving me to move on from some of my junk... :) So here's some more items for your viewing pleasure. Steering wheel from 78 fj40. Leather wrapped. Has some minor cracks but way better than many I have seen. This wheel has not been painted, original finish. One wire to horn came...
  9. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  Misc FJ40 parts

    Shipping from 97304 Hood spear with all mounting bolts. Has dings but fixable. 75 plus the ride. Sold Bucket seat backs. Pair with normal dings. No rust. Needs some work but doable. 55 plus the ride. Bumper hook thing. 20 plus the ride. Stainless steel hood hooks and windshield holders...
  10. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  FJ40 Apron from 74.

    I have this PS Apron that's been sitting around for a couple years. Was blasted but sitting around has it showing very light surface rust. Straight with no dents. Has two screws need removing. 75 plus the ride from 97304.
  11. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  A bunch of FJ40 parts. Including Wiper Motor for 78, charcoal canister, carb, and more

    Just refurbished this wiper motor from a 78 FJ40. Bench tested and runs great. 85120-90308 is the part#. $150.00 Shipped sold Charcoal canister with bracket, 70 plus shipping. Bottom vent is snapped. But could be fixed. Bottom vent is the vent-out (iirc) and doesn't need to be fixed. Alt...
  12. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  Firewall blower motor mesh intake screen (3D Printed)

    I built this for my 78. After some adjustments, It fit perfectly so I decided to make some more! It's made out of Black ABS plastic for durability. I've gone through several versions to get it right dimensionally. If you look close you will still see printing lines, but you can easily cover...
  13. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  1964 FJ40 Light Switch (refurbished)

    I thought I would post this separately as most of the items in my other post are sold. This is a completely gone through light switch from a 64 FJ40. Has a nice crisp positive click with new internal springs, new main post, fresh lube, refreshed oem knob with epoxy resin, acetone dye bath, and...
  14. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  Early 1964 FJ40 Restored Wiper Switch

    This is one of several parts that I was able to pull from a late 63 early 64 FJ40. I am restoring them one by one and posting as each is finished. The wiper switch is in good condition, works well, is smooth in its operation. The knob is original and needed some love. Turned out nice. Knob...
  15. thecrazygreek

    For Sale  Early (63 / 64) OEM FJ40 Parts assortment. Mirror w/bracket, TNK Wiper Motors, Bug Catcher Latches, Glass Fuel filter w/bracket and more! (Oregon)

    **UPDATED on Jan 28** OEM Rear view mirror Includes factory bracket (SOLD) TNK Wiper motors $350(SOLD!) Bug catcher window latches (SOLD) Light and wiper switches $125.00 each Glass fuel filter housing with bracket (SOLD) Knob for Vent in Windshield $40.00 (restored with Acetone / dye bath...
  16. thecrazygreek

    Holley Sniper 2GC Small Bore Fuel Injection installed on my 1964 1F Single Barrel Manifold

    I received my third Holley Sniper kit today, this one being based on the Rochester 2gc small bore. My first two were the 2300 series. They both were such great upgrades I thought I would try out the 2GC kit as I consider it a better match for my single barrel manifold 1F. I don't have any proof...
  17. thecrazygreek

    Overhauling is doing a 40! Should have some interesting tech...

    Gotta have the app to watch but looking forward to it. Link doesn't work. Google foo it...
  18. thecrazygreek

    High Res Gauge cluster jpg- make your own decals

    I have no idea if anyone will want this, but I thought I would post it up in case it might help someone with a project. I have spent hours building this pic. Started will actual pics of a couple different clusters and Photo-shopped from there. You can alter as necessary. This is in 1200 dpi...
  19. thecrazygreek

    Where did my guage needle go???

    So I just jumped in the rig to go to the store, and I see that my needle for mph has gone missing.! What would cause that to happen? I didn't see it until about a minute into the trip. Weird...
  20. thecrazygreek

    Holley Sniper 2GC to 2F Adapter Idea just popped into my head. Might help someone :)

    I was chatting with @BenjaminCA on Instagram, and he was mentioning trying out the 2GC Holley Sniper Kit instead of the 2300. It was mentioned that the bolt patter is smaller on the 2GC and may pose some issues with an adapter. And right now, there is no adapter to fit the 2GC to a 2F intake...
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