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  1. Blue 60

    Technitop RTT

    Overland Journal did a tent review and that was one of them. I don't remember which issue, but an "official" review is out there... I agree that that is a great price. I want to say that $1,800 new is close.
  2. Blue 60

    5 person RTT?

    Here is a 2400mm x 2400mm with a "t-top and attached room. I'm sure that if you call some of the dealers for the domestically available RTT's that they have some similar options.... (Howling Moon - Rooftop and Trailer Tents - Tourer) Edit: Eezi-Awn offers a 2200mm (7'-2.5" long) x 2400mm...
  3. Blue 60

    5 person RTT?

    5 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids? Two or three companies market a "family" tent that is 2400mm x 2200mm or 2400mm x 2400mm (about 8 feet square) when open. They aren't really meant to go on top of a truck, but more so onto a trailer as they are freakin heavy. (@ 250# or more) Eezi-Awn: Family...
  4. Blue 60

    trail tool storage - sockets

    Harbor Freight..... I got a SAE & Metric set of sockets in 1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 from Harbor freight. They are Pittsburg Tools. So far I have had no issues with them. (I heard that they are generic Craftsman....) They come in their own plastic cases. Their combo wrenches come in a roll up type...
  5. Blue 60

    Cheap roof rack clamps?

    Just watch Ebay. I just got 4 thule 300 gutter mounts for $31 including shipping. And they are in great shape. Just be patient unless you need them right now... Blue 60
  6. Blue 60

    Roof Rack Mounts

    impressive SO the Thule mounts came..... Wow, bigger and more robust than I thought they would be. So here's my next question. If you dont use the Thule crossbars, what do you use and how have you all attached them. The inside measruement is an odd size (1 1/4"wide X 7/8" tall). Thanks...
  7. Blue 60

    Roof Rack Mounts

    Thanks for the input. I have a set of 4 (300 series) Thule Mounts on the way via ebay for $31. They are used but in great shape. They only ever carried a couple bikes.... I'm keeping my eyes open for 4 more. Blue 60
  8. Blue 60

    Roof Rack Mounts

    I know that several roof rack companies sell their own mounts for their racks and that the general concensus is that Quick & Easy makes a really great product, but what has been your experience with Thule mounts? How much weight or what have you thrown on them? (I know that I could probably go...
  9. Blue 60

    Rooftop tents... what do you think??

    A twist on rooftop tents I saw this on an overland expdition site and thought that it was an interesting thought, not that I would do it, but that if was creative. I wonder how much work it was. (If I can remember where I got it, I will give the owners credit.) I assume that it would be like...
  10. Blue 60

    ATTN Garmin 276c Owners (track question/problem)

    Boston, I've never used a gps unit before, but here's an idea for now (you might have thought of it already,but here goes). Just create several smaller (@650 points) files that you string together that recreate an entire trail or run. Then label them for example: "Rubicon 1a, Rubicon 1b...
  11. Blue 60

    CD changer

    I'd say, don't go too cheap, but also remember that a lot of the cheapies are made the same and by the same people that make the big name brands.... (btw, bigbrowndog, you've accidentally mirrored your picture. :grinpimp: :grinpimp: Nice 5speed too.)
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