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  1. WarDamnEagle

    Wanted  FJ55 frame rail extensions

    It appears I need a set if I want to mount my 8274.
  2. WarDamnEagle

    Wanted  FJ 55 Door hinge, right hand, lower; complete or parts

    Missing a pin and a bushing on my rear passenger door. It appears that front and rear doors are the same hinge but lower and upper and right and left are all different. I'm missing the pin and bushing per this photo. Will take entire hinge or some type of hinge set if you don't want to split...
  3. WarDamnEagle

    Wanted  Some minor parts for my '77 FJ55

    Having now spent a couple of weeks in forced isolation with my pig I have noticed a couple of things that I am missing. One is the passenger side (RH), rear louver assembly for the rear vent. I have everything but the trim cover. I would buy a matched set if someone has any available...
  4. WarDamnEagle

    Specter Off-Road aka SOR

    Any of you fine fellows live, work, play or occasionally travel anywhere in the vicinity of SOR? They are just a bit north of Burbank.
  5. WarDamnEagle

    1FZ-F GCC spec missing vacuum hose

    I seem to be missing a vacuum hose and I can't figure out where it would connect. If you look at this parts diagram you can follow my description...
  6. WarDamnEagle

    For Sale  FJ55 parts from TLC4x4

    FYI. Jonathan Ward is liquidating some parts on eBay and Craigslist. Couple of examples:
  7. WarDamnEagle

    Sticky thread has disappeared This thread has disappeared from my screen. Can’t figure out why?
  8. WarDamnEagle

    Wanted  Used Windshield gasket w/moulding groove - even if it's unusable or only a section

    Looking for a sample of this gasket so that I can compare profiles. Would prefer entire gasket but happy with 6" if that's all you got! Also interested in a cargo window sample; again, with the moulding/trim groove. I've phoned around but haven't had any luck so far. My 55 is a 1977 although...
  9. WarDamnEagle

    FJ60 windshield and cargo window gasket sizes and profiles

    Unfortunately the cargo window gaskets are no longer available for the FJ55 and the w/moulding windshield gasket is also NLA. One candidate for cut and splice, given that it has OEM chrome moulding, is an FJ60. In searching I saw a reference that the FJ60 cargo window is 17" x 37" but I'm not...
  10. WarDamnEagle

    Wanted  Fj55 windshield and/or cargo window gaskets with moulding option

    I appreciate there is little likelihood of someone having and being willing to sell these but just in case someone wants to charge me a small fortune...... I think the later year part numbers are backwards compatible. My 55, FWIW, is a ‘77 model (Oct ‘76). I will consider used if in good...
  11. WarDamnEagle

    Wanted  FJ55 rear window tailgate glass holder sub assembly

    My rear window regulator and internals are in very good shape with the exception of this part. Looking for one in decent condition. No hurry but thought I would throw a couple of these wanted threads up, just in case.
  12. WarDamnEagle

    FZJ75 Intermittent Wipers

    My 1994 Gulf Spec FZJ75 pickup wiper switch was having intermittent issues working so I pulled the steering wheel and switch assembly. Cleaned everything up with electrical contact cleaner and it’s all working now. The current switch has a momentary up or “mist” position as well as off, low...
  13. WarDamnEagle

    Wanted  FZJ80 Ash Tray retainer, part number 74104-60060

    Need the little assembly that the ash tray slides in and out on. NLA from Toyota. I have a 1997; not sure how far back they interchange. Edit: According to ToyoDIY: Part 74104-60060 (RETAINER SUB-ASSY, FRONT ASH RECEPTACLE) was found on the following models: Date range Model...
  14. WarDamnEagle

    Builds  Car souq pickup

    Pretty sure this is my first post in the 70’s forum. I have wandered in here a time or two. This little fellow followed me home from the souq today. August 1994 FZJ75. Looking to book a place on a ship next spring....unless I’m having too much fun in the dunes.
  15. WarDamnEagle

    FJ40 what?

    While perusing for sale ads in KSA I ran across this variation of a 40. I assumed it was a modification but I have now seen 2 or 3 others so maybe it was factory? Apologies if this is common knowledge but maybe the photo is worth the thread.
  16. WarDamnEagle

    SOR FJ55 Seat Covers

    After reading a few threads extolling the virtues of these seat covers I ran across this info on their website: If you just updated your FJ55 Seat Upholstery with SOR's new DELUXE High Density Seat Upholstery kit (part 310-5600, 310-5602 & 310-5655, see link below), we have a brand new set of...
  17. WarDamnEagle

    KSA Land Cruiser enthusiast

    I have heard that there are some shops in the Qassim area of KSA that specialize in Land Cruisers and in my search for said shops I ran across this link: جيوب عشش من النوادر مجدده ومخزنه لاتفوتكم It's my understand from some of my local colleagues that have...
  18. WarDamnEagle

    Killing rust on body panels

    So I just bought a ‘77 FJ55 and I want to do what I can to stop further rust propagation until I have the time to do a full blown frame off. I'm leaning toward using Eastwood or Black Star or similar rust converter followed by some Cruiser Corps, rattle-can Freeborn Red and Cygnus White. Frame...
  19. WarDamnEagle

    A pig for Father's Day

    Well this has taken a bit of time but my BIL just flew to Charlotte to drive my "new to me" 1977 pig back to his house near Atlanta. Unfortunately I'm not in the country but will be back to see it first hand in early July. Brace yourselves as I will have a hundred questions.......
  20. WarDamnEagle

    Wanted  FOUND - 80 series steering wheel

    Would like a good core to recover. 80 is a 97 with oak interior. I don’t think color would matter since i’m recovering but I assume only 95 - 97 would work?
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