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  1. 74bigred

    Stolen FJ40 and FJ45 - Ca central valley

  2. 74bigred

    For Sale 1969 FJ40 Original Baby Blue Patina Idaho

    Easy project you say? 😆🤣 ha ha Easier said than done. I don’t know of any Landcruiser projects that are easy, especially not yours needing a body off restoration, panel replacements (rust), chassis work, sandblasting everything, paint, complete disassemble and reassemble. Unknown what work is...
  3. 74bigred

    For Sale Oregon: 1973 Toyota FJ40 -UPDATED!

    Cool trail rig. Kind of chopped meat with the rear quarters & fenders-chopped suey could be a nickname. But this would be good if someone wanted a crawler with high clearance. Good luck
  4. 74bigred

    For Sale Not mine. Zebra in Texas

    Pretty Wild looking. Like a wild animal, especially if it kicks from the rear end. I wonder if it’s nicknamed. This one needs a hood ornament, a zebra head with those big teeth showing.. 😆
  5. 74bigred

    SOLD Dutchess County, NY - Spring Green 1967 FJ40

    What’s your asking price on this one again?
  6. 74bigred

    For Sale 1969 FJ40

    You could add 2 more 9s on the end for marketing purposes to help it sell. $19,999.99 Or a 9 & an 8 $19,999.98 Good luck
  7. 74bigred

    For Sale 1966 Toyota FJ45 LV For Sale, Redondo Beach CA

    How much are you looking to sell your LV for ? Just curious Thanks D
  8. 74bigred

    Front door hinge to body seal...

    Hi Did the cushions for the hinge that you linked from eBay fit on your Fj40 hinges? I’m thinking of ordering those for my 1974 fj40. Thank you for your feedback on these rubber cushions.
  9. 74bigred

    For Sale Scranton Toyota 81 FJ40

  10. 74bigred

    For Sale Alabama, 1977 FJ40 (Reduced)03/03/2020

    Nice save Adog. Your restoration looks great. My suggestion would be to get a new OEM bumper or paint your black one OEM ash grey metallic to match your bumperettes in back. Best of luck
  11. 74bigred

    For Sale 1963 FJ40 Soft Top - Fresh Restoration - Idaho

    Did you have a shop do the restoration or did you do it? The finished product looks great! 👍🏻
  12. 74bigred

    SOLD 1980 FJ40 Twin cities

    Ah yes, The Viagra truck is back with more pics. I’d nickname this Cruiser ‘Woody’ if it was mine. Love the shepherd on guard holding it down in the back. Need a sawsall to chop that pipe off. Ouch. Bottom line is that it’s a nice cruiser & your ask price seems to be fair, I bet it sells soon.
  13. 74bigred

    For Sale 1974 Fj40 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

    Love the hemostat (roach clip) chilling in the radio slot, convenient. That’s cool you moved to a farm, what kind of farm? I’ve always wanted to check out VA, looks green. GLWS
  14. 74bigred

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 Landcruiser. Las Cruces, NM.

    Arizona is the same as WIS. The DMV will not allow salvaged titled vehicles legally on the road. They say we have to tow it. We have an option to try for a ‘revived salvage title’ if the issues resulting from salvage status are fixed and approved by DMV. But it will permanently be a salvage...
  15. 74bigred

    For Sale 1973 FJ40 with good patina

    Cool 45 LV adjacent to your topless, doorless, seatless pic of the patina 40. Do you want to sell the LV? Thx D
  16. 74bigred

    For Sale Fresno- 1973 fj55 truck

  17. 74bigred

    For Sale 73 fj55 singlecab

  18. 74bigred

    SOLD 1976 Toyota FJ40 San Diego, CA

    Hi Can you send me pictures of the floor pan, engine bay, undercarriage frame & seats with cover off etc. If you have some. Any more pictures you have will be helpful. Thank you D 480-313-6782
  19. 74bigred

    Wanted Wanted clean fj40 west coast

    I hear you, you’re not the only one looking for a clean rust free 40. They’re few and far between these days. Unless you wanna pay for a restored one. If you do find a rust free one, we will certainly have to pay up for it, they're scarce now. Good luck hunting!
  20. 74bigred

    SOLD Price Reduced: Rustic Green 73 FJ40 Full Restoration over 10 years. Oakland, CA

    Cool story man! & Nicely done on the restoration project. 👍🏻 Best of luck
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