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  1. LongDuck

    Quarantine Projects

    Still get a kick out of the quiet 'hisss' of a Coleman. In fact, I might dig mine out tonight and give it a light. Thanks!
  2. LongDuck

    Update Your 80: Cigarette Lighter Socket to Dual-USB!

    Still going strong! Having the USB charger there and the voltmeter is definitely nice. I still use it as a quick gauge of battery condition when I first get in, and also when I'm running accessories like the Puma. Still recommended,
  3. LongDuck

    New Member #557 Matt Pasquan

    Turbo 80? Esplain,...?
  4. LongDuck

    Quarantine Projects

    Coleman? I'm interested to see what model is in that classic carrier,
  5. LongDuck

    New Member #558 Steve Schaub

    Welcome aboard, Steve! Tell us about your LandCruiser,
  6. LongDuck

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    Sorry, man - I burned 1/2 a tank of gas on Sunday getting over there just for those headlights! My DS has had a ding for over a year... Shifter will go to ARJMN for free, as I committed to @TORTUS that the parts would find good homes keeping club Cruisers on the road. Take care, and thanks...
  7. LongDuck

    New Member #557 Matt Pasquan

    How's he going to drive 3 LandCruisers to the monthly meetigs?!? Welcome aboard, Matt,
  8. LongDuck

    New Club Member #556 Dan Carey

    Welcome aboard, Dan. Tell us (*or better, show us) about your 40-series,
  9. LongDuck

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    Question along this line of thought; what loading do you drive it at 90% of the time? That should determine what spring height & weight to use. My 80 sits in the garage most of the time, and gets driven on Club Runs, random errands, and to charge the battery - in that order. It's loaded heavy...
  10. LongDuck

    Quarantine Projects

    I've been staring at this Steering Shaft Seal on my workbench for the last year. Planning to get around to installing it one of these days. What's funny is that I never knew it was missing but one day, the hood was up and the sunshine was just right and I looked between my feet and saw...
  11. LongDuck

    New CSC Member #555 Oliver Loire

    Welcome aboard! Member #555 sounds pretty special, and that's a big club,
  12. LongDuck

    How much gain is lost putting the Antenna on the front bumper vs. attached to my roof rack?

    Relevant link from a recent article I wrote on this topic: HAMsters: The Case for 1/4 Wave Vertical Antennas for Off-Road Comms. I'm having excellent signal reports from 1/2w mounted via mag mount to the flat plate on the right front section of my Slee Shortbus. It's not permanent, never comes...
  13. LongDuck

    Wiring new Ham Radio- Battery or underhood Fuse Block?

    There's no FCC rule about listening to HAM radio witout a license, or all scanners would be illegal. In fact, I had an old Kenwood TM-281 that I bought as a backup to later find out it wouldnt transmit at all: bad finals. Kenwood wanted $85 just to look at it, plus shipping both ways made that...
  14. LongDuck

    HAM Tech Thread

    I can't tell you how many times I've had someone show me a BEOUFANG! radio and ask me if I know how to program it. It's honestly in the 20-30 range... Those radios are cheap for a reason, and that was to flood the US market. They transmit out of band easily and are a poor - but workable - radio...
  15. LongDuck

    HAMsters - March CSC Meeting, On The Air?

    Hey, guys - when is our next scheduled meeting? Been thinking about some Net Control procedures for the club to follow to have a Round Robin discussion, followed by splinter conversations going QSY to avoid boredom with people who want to hold their own conversations.
  16. LongDuck

    HAM Tech Thread

    I also think a black antenna in your field of view blends better than bare metal. When it starts to whip saw with the wind, the bright metal seems to catch the light and glare worse. At night, obviously the black becomes invisible. Also, I learned the reason some antennas (*Comet, Diamond) are...
  17. LongDuck

    HAM Tech Thread

    Great thread, Sir - good information on some of the modes that aren't commonly in use. Here's some about me; What I run - Radios; Kenwood TM-281a in the LandCruiser TH-K20a handheld TM-v71a Base Station at the house. All are mobile, portable, and battery capable for getting them out and...
  18. LongDuck

    Events/Trails Events/Trails - Arizona Peace Trail South Half 4/5 - 4/10/2020

    Unfortunately, given the changing state of affairs, I'm out for this run. Sounds like a great trip, and I look forward to getting out with you guys in the future, @Dimples .
  19. LongDuck

    HAMsters - March CSC Meeting, On The Air?

    Draw me a diagram of the WIN connection...? Here's what I had in mind for a CSC meeting on the air: You -> Superstition Springs Repeater <- Me (*and anyone else who wants to join) I've been a part of Nets on 4-5 local repeaters, but this would be my first as Net Control. It will take some...
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