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  1. Ian Mac

    SOLD Magnuson Supercharger for FZJ80 - FOUND/BOUGHT

    Looking for a magnuson SC complete kit for my 1997 LC - which are seemingly Great White Buffalos these days.
  2. Ian Mac

    SOLD Delete

    I know they're new to the US market, but for anyone that's looking to divest of their UEV-440 (might even be interested in a 490) I'd be happy to speak with you.
  3. Ian Mac

    Cruiser Storage

    I'm a military guy being moved to South Korea this month. I have a 1997 Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary that I'm trying to find storage for. The military will store it for me, but the problem is when I come back to visit SD every couple of months I won't have access to the vehicle. Another...
  4. Ian Mac

    WTB / Recommendations for Sliders for 1997 FZJ80

    I recently bought a 1997 Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Ed. I'm slowly but surely getting her ready for the trail...Any recommendations for sliders for a 1997 FZJ80 a.k.a. Lana? I know Slee Offroad makes a great product, but if there's other armor out there that's as good in quality but lower...
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