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  1. TXGooner

    200 Series Rear Screen Delete Cover - Group Buy!!!

    You sir, are a rock star! I have hit so many dead ends on this I basically gave up. PM with order details on the way! -Jason
  2. TXGooner

    Car Alarm shop recommendation

    Check out Bonnie & Clyde Car Stereo on Harry Hines. Have heard great things about them.
  3. TXGooner

    GOOD Additional Lighting Option w/o A New Bumper?

    What about something like this Aussie nudge bar? Not a full bumper, and has mounting points for a couple of lights... 2016-17 LC200 Aussie Nudge Bar
  4. TXGooner

    200 series picture thread

    For Sale - CO: Rock Warrior TRD 5x150 17" - Spares
  5. TXGooner

    200 series picture thread

    Thanks for all the help guys!
  6. TXGooner

    200 series picture thread

    Awesome! Thanks @Willy beamin!
  7. TXGooner

    200 series picture thread

    Do you know where @Markuson? Need to pick some up.
  8. TXGooner

    For Sale CO: Rock Warrior TRD 5x150 17" - Spares

    I'll gladly take one of those off your hands. PM payment instructions?
  9. TXGooner

    Rear-seat Video Screen Removal Question

    This is pretty much exactly was I was thinking. My only concern (and it's due to my lack of auto upholstery knowledge) is matching the leather colors. I would seriously consider something in a black plastic to match other trim in the vehicle. Looking forward to hearing what they come up with...
  10. TXGooner

    Rear-seat Video Screen Removal Question

    Stopped by a local car stereo shop this afternoon and talked with the guys there about removing the screens. Will take the truck back next week to leave it with them for a day to figure out the best way to cover that space. Once I have more info, I'll pass it along!
  11. TXGooner

    Rear-seat Video Screen Removal Question

    Anyone have wiring diagrams for this area? Curious to know what can be done with them once the screens are removed. Thinking something like a USB port for charging devices maybe...
  12. TXGooner

    Winch bumpers

    Haven't seen anything similar for the 200. I think Jason at Trail Tailor is working on a shipment of some new bumpers. Here's a thread with more info: Trail Tailor- Custom Armor Build plus a few things
  13. TXGooner

    New to me trailer

    That trailer looks awesome! Hope you enjoy it!
  14. TXGooner

    Winch bumpers

    Looks like it's a custom made bumper out of Europe somewhere. Image search (via led to a Bulgarian off-road site and a couple of eBay pages. Only page in English was from eBay Ireland. Here's the link: TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 FRONT STEEL BUMPER WINCH OFF -ROAD | eBay
  15. TXGooner

    Official Introduction - John Albert - 2017 Blue Onyx 200

    Welcome to the club neighbor!
  16. TXGooner

    Rear-seat Video Screen Removal Question

    Subscribed! Our first family road trip in the 200 showed this system isn't going to work for us. Would love to be able to remove the screens. I think that tablet holder that @Sandroad pointed out would be a great option. @cru1s3r - If you are willing to share the 3D scans, I can call some folks...
  17. TXGooner

    Builds My build thread - Rapido XL.....

    Beers? Did someone say beers? Where??? Ha! Any time man. I'll send my contact details via PM.
  18. TXGooner

    Builds My build thread - Rapido XL.....

    Think our paths just crossed a little while ago. Man, that Cruiser looks even better in person! You've done an awesome job with it! You hitting the LSLC meet up this evening? I'm sure a lot of folks there would love to get a look at your rig!
  19. TXGooner

    2014 Land Cruiser found a new home - in my garage!

    Congrats! And welcome to the club!
  20. TXGooner

    Finally joined the team...

    It took me a while to find the right 200, but I've finally joined the team! Just brought it home this morning! 2016 with just under 15k miles. Now to start the planning process. So. Many. Ideas! First up (and as soon as humanly possible) get rid of the stocks tire/wheel combo and put some...
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