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  1. LandCruiserPDX

    I’m back, back in the LC groove (with a supercharger)

    Happy to say after a couple years living abroad i found out i’m being transferred back to the States, the great state of Oregon to be exact, and the first thing that meant to me was “I get to get back into a LandCruiser”. My mania started with an FJC, i went back to an FJ62, and most beloved...
  2. LandCruiserPDX

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 Blue OME 2" and 33s

    Bump for a price drop Don't worry, already bought a 96 FZJ80 to replace her.
  3. LandCruiserPDX

    For Sale Wheels and tires off an FJ62

    Selling a Set of 4 tires 235/75R15 with the original Toyota wheels
  4. LandCruiserPDX

    Squeakin on the Weekend

    Needing some lube help. I recently installed a OME lift and the Beast has been squeaking over every bump and pothole noticeably louder than before on the old stock suspesion. I had all the greasable shackle zerks shot with a grease gun, so it's not coming from within the bushings. Any...
  5. LandCruiserPDX

    Wrangler Duratrac 33x12.5x15 on 15x8 wheels

    To aid in future mudder's decision making, here are my new Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs 33x12.5x15 on 15x8 alloys. 4" backspace wheels off a tacoma previously. OME medium up front and heavy in the back. Enjoy
  6. LandCruiserPDX

    The beginning of a slow build, welcome "Beast"

    I rejoined the Toyota club last May with a very nicely maintained FJ62. Bone-stock with meticulous maintenance records. I hope I've done the Previous Owner proud, he had called her "Lola" and treated her very well. What do you get a Landcruiser for it's upcoming 200,000th mile? I...
  7. LandCruiserPDX

    33s for packed snow and ice

    Hello all- I have used the "search" function thoroughly and found little information on the BFG AT KOs versus the Wrangler Duratracs. I'm putting 15x8 alloys on my OME-lifted FJ62 and was looking at the narrower BFG KOs 33x10.5s but read scathing reviews for KOs in winter weather. The...
  8. LandCruiserPDX

    Wanted PACIFIC NORTHWEST: BFG KOs or similar plus wheels

    I'm looking for a more aggressive second set of wheels and tires for my FJ62. Looking for something in the northwest to avoid shipping charges. Price depending on quality.
  9. LandCruiserPDX

    Finally found the right FJ62

    I just wanted to say thank you to all of the contributing forum-members. I've been looking for a 60-series and thanks to the stickies, the advice on this forum, and all of the great resources her on IH8MUD, I've found her. I found a 1989 FJ62 in Royal Blue. THe second owner was selling it as...
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