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  1. Lumpskie

    ARB modular rear license relocation bracket

    Thanks for the reply. I'm in a bad way here because the bumper came on my rig when I bought it. I found this link, showing that a "fitting number plate light" and "fit centre locator" were supposed to be included with the bumper... and are supposed to be utilized when incorporating a swingout...
  2. Lumpskie

    ARB modular rear license relocation bracket

    I was just told this same thing for my 80 series. I don't have the center locator bracket. I didn't discover this until trying to install a newly purchased swingout. Did you ever get a solution to your issue? ARB told me 2-6 months to get the part. They have been mailing me random hardware...
  3. Lumpskie

    Triple locked vs ARB lockers. Cost valuation before searching for new FJ80

    Here's a video that I found interesting. Might want to look at TJM pro lockers too? Fast forward to 3 minutes 45 seconds in this video... I don't know if this is just a one off or not
  4. Lumpskie

    Found a nice HDJ/HZJ80 FSM scan online

    Thank you Sir!
  5. Lumpskie

    10 year old Gturbo

    EDIT: Just caught up on the the thread... you already bought the Torfab one. Admin: feel free to delete this post. @torfab also sells a modified profile pin, here in the U.S.
  6. Lumpskie

    Found a nice HDJ/HZJ80 FSM scan online

    Did you find a hard copy or digital? Mind sharing a link?
  7. Lumpskie

    Found a nice HDJ/HZJ80 FSM scan online

    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread. Above are links to a body and chassis manual for the HDJ81. Can anyone help me get my hands on an FSM for the 1HDT engine itself? I'd like the instructions to do timing belt, water pump, etc. Thanks for the help.
  8. Lumpskie

    Builds Lumpskie's Diesel 80 build

    A few small updates. First, it is getting to be time to change the timing belt on my rig. So, I ordere: 1. timing belt 2. tensioner 3. water pump 4. fan clutch I have a Koyo radiation that Jailbreak Overlander gave me. My current radiator's plastic is pretty brown and I'm considering just...
  9. Lumpskie

    80 series Slinky/ICON Long Travel Suspension officially coming to the U.S.A.

    Call MillCreek instead of email. They picked up right away, answered questions and got my parts out same day.
  10. Lumpskie

    10 year old Gturbo

    I had the same generation "old" Gturbo on my rig. I asked them: Hi, My name is Justin and I am the new owner of a 1HD-T powered 80 series in the U.S. My rig is outfitted with an older Grunter turbo and I am currently tuned to 24psi. I am wondering is 24psi safe to run on the older Grunter...
  11. Lumpskie

    White Smoke from 1HD-T

    Doh! I'm an idiot and need more coffee. OP: forget the trans adjustment... you have a 5 speed. Cleaning injectors and servicing injection pump are commonly required and usually a good idea. I'd definitely check the main fuel screw first... just to see if it's been messed with. It's on...
  12. Lumpskie

    White Smoke from 1HD-T

    Yep, the kickdown is just the transmission cable. Mine was loose and caused my engine to want to run really low RPMs. Good call getting gauges, IMO. Your coolant gauge won't be able to tell you if your exhaust gasses are getting too hot.
  13. Lumpskie

    White Smoke from 1HD-T

    Nice rig! Mine was a total dog when I got it but a couple of adjustments made it about as fast as a supercharged gas rig. I'd say look at 2 really easy things: 1. Check and make sure your kickdown cable on your trans is adjusted. This will keep you from bogging down at low RPMs while...
  14. Lumpskie

    Looking to buy an imported turbo diesel have some questions

    Ah, I see. Assumed when you were talking about required maintenance, you were talking Cruisers. Like I said, mine has been totally reliable and not a maintenance hog (or more expensive than a gas rig).
  15. Lumpskie

    Looking to buy an imported turbo diesel have some questions

    Next time, take a look at @cruiseroutfit . I just bought a timing belt kit (including water pump) for under $300 (allOEM). They list the 1HDT fan clutch for $122 (Aisin, same as OEM). Now that my old go-to (@Onur ) is out of the game, I'm finding that Cruiser outfit has most of the parts I...
  16. Lumpskie

    Builds GW Nugget's Family Haulin Lx450 build

    Those new coils are so cool. And, it is so cool that Trail Tailor was willing to make a custom set for you as well.
  17. Lumpskie

    Water Pump Question and Advice

    Here's a video on counterfit parts from Amazon/Ebay. I guess it's hard to tell unless you have a new genuine part next to the fake.
  18. Lumpskie

    Who in Here Actually Uses Their 3rd Row Seat(s)?

    I use my 3rd row... but not everyday. For now, I have one seat installed and the other pulled. When out of town friends/family visit, I use both 3rd row seats... usually to hold my car seats. I really like that the 3rd row gets real seat belts too.
  19. Lumpskie

    Front axle bearings and seals build

    Calling them will probably get you your parts faster. They are helpful and usually mail within a few hours of your call.
  20. Lumpskie

    1HDT HDJ81 Misfire

    As usual, I agree with you. The only thing I'd add is that tuning these things is really easy. The diesel crowd here helped me get mine tuned easily. @ubguessin Get compression numbers first. Then get your gauges in and the guys here can help you get tuned. A quick video showing the issue...
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