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    3 inch front springs?

    Ok people, looking for good quality front 3 inch lift sorings, not really keen on dobinsons
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    Alternator pulley swap

    Alright so when i ordered my lightwieght water pump pulley it came with a matching alternator pulley option so i ticked yes, of course it was only when i went to fit the alt pulley i realised the fj has a decoupler pulley, basically im just wondering if its possible to swap the decoupler to a...
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    90 series on lpg

    Hey guys jumping to this forum a certain topic. Earlier this year my partner bought a low k vzj90 prado with the 5vz, couple of weeks ago we put the snorkel and as you can imagine it needs a balance line which is easy enough. My other question is has anyone got an afe or similar filter fitted...
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    Intake temps

    Can some of you with the stock intake and no snorkel and that have an ultr gauge or scan gauge tell me if you get cooler reading at soeed then putting around or at idle? I definetly get lower temps at high speed then alow moving and idle
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    Rear sway bar links

    Does anyone know if extended swaybar links hit the rear lower control arms on fill compression or if they cause any problems similar?
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    Short tube header clearance

    So down the beach today i noticed at some point during articulation and steering movement that i had a clunk in the steering wheel, after a quick check of the steering i found that it looks like the headers i had fitted on friday are contacting the steering tube. Has anyone else had this with...
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    Dobinsons mrr

    Is anyone on here using or used the dobinsons mrr range? Have they worked out the engineering problems in them?
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    Skid plates

    Im Looking for skid plate ideas, must be able to be used with diffdrop and preferably alloy, wat options do you us guys have over there.
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    Understanding Limit straps

    So the plans i have for the front currently consist of front struts with with a 573mm open length, 50mm coils, a 15mm strut spacer and custom low profile strut caps that are 18mm lower in the middle where the shock goes through. This gives me a theoretical open length of 603mm, now am i right...
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    Unichip or custom reflash

    Ok so i need knowledgable people to way in here. When i get to tuning my car to suit the intake and exhaust and few other bits ive nailed down to two choices. 1. Is the custom dyno tune by a reputable company here thats builds complete project cars. He is just currently waiting for hp tuners to...
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    Wrangler 5100 front shocks into back of fj?

    Been playing around with somebideas as always and just wondering if anyone has done the 4-5" wrangler 5100 bilstiens into the back of an fj, im looking for something longer for a bit more lift then what i have and want to stick with bilstiens if possible. The lengths would be perfect for wat i...
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    Xtp manifold spacer for 2010+ 1grfe

    Hi guys speaking to grey at xtp about doing a set of manifold spacers for the 2nd gen 1grfe engine. Ideally he needs at least 15 orders to make it cost effective as you could imagine its not a 5 minute job so im just putting this out here to see whos interested. For all you skeptical people...
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    Airaid with tjm snorkel for 2010+

    Is anyone on here running the airaid intake with a snorkel. Im looking at getting one with the prefilter aswell. Reasons arent so much the performance claims but because i want a better sealing box and my second battery also rubs on the clip of my oe box. With out the plastic ribbling and...
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    Bumpstop motion ratio

    Doing some research into certain things and wondering if anyone knows the ifs motion ratio for the strit travel to bumpstop point?
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    Bigger heavier tires on stock carrier

    Hey guys, wondering how many of you are carrying larger tires on the rear door carrier with out issue. Dont want the excess weight of rear bar and swing carrier if its not needed.
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    Bilstien 7100s on rear

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted bikstein 7100 shocks to the rear and wat specs you chose Lengths? Valving? How far down dod you space the bump stops?
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    Bigger diff drop

    Does anybody know if onr of these diff drop kits exists for the fj ATI 30MM DIFF DROP KIT - TOYOTA HILUX 2005-CURRENT I need a diffdrop kit which will allow me to run a strut with an open length of 595/605 down the track and from wat im told the standard spacer kit only lowers the diff 10mm...
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    front swaybar link options

    so i jave seen a few stories of people snapping their front sway link and slicing through cv boots, was wondwring if anyone has any options appart from removing the sway bar cometely, to prevent this. was considering tjese as part of my lift as the struts im installing have an open length of...
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    need opinions

    bought the fj about two months ago, has been making this sound since, has been serviced and no different. 2014 model 116000km when purchased, now 121000km and no different
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    chassis/frame bracing

    so after stories from our work shop of fjs coming in with twisted chassis i did some research and found that ultraracing so 4 or 5 different braces for the fj but i cant seem to find an online retailer to buy them from. has anyone else found similar stuff to help strengthen the frame on an fj...
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