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  1. ferg

    Godwin, what is it?

    And when are they due to hatch? Location Eastern OK.
  2. ferg

    Kidde fire extingusher recall

    Plastic handle and push button units - free replacement. Check yours against the list. N130284 US Landing Page · Inmar Recall Maybe not really the place to post this but thought it would get more traction here.
  3. ferg


    Had a '66 40L. Sold it way back in the mid 90s. Son has decided to be nostalgic and wants to buy it from the lady I sold it to. Need some in put on value, no pix available as yet. I know that doesn't help Body is fair to good, rear fenders trimmed for clearance, rusty rear sill replaced...
  4. ferg

    Trans differences?

    In a recent thread there was mention of a h151 trans. Whats the difference between that and a r150, r151f as for ratios and strength?
  5. ferg

    Happy Birthday USMC!

    241 years and still the most bad ass organization on the planet! SEMPER FI
  6. ferg


    Read your story about the Bakersfield Swap Meet in Toyota Trails. Pics looked nice and clean. Congrats!
  7. ferg

    June meeting

    I won't be able to make the meeting, but.... There will be Land Cruiser toys available for free along with some other TLC stuff. Tom Schoch will be there and will deliver. Cheers and happiness!
  8. ferg

    needing machine work

    Looking for someone in CVC with a mill and a lathe. Wanting to do some custom rifle barrel work and don't have the machines.
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