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  1. lrowe_csp

    ARB JACK mount

    Thanks Eric, you have plenty of cred on this forum!
  2. lrowe_csp

    Rims for 2018 LC

    Fuel Trophy 18x9
  3. lrowe_csp

    Storage in a 2013 LC?

    Welcome to IH8mud! Most 200 overlanders install ARB, Trekboxx or other storage units, which can also double to provide a long flat place to sleep when you flip the rear seats forward.
  4. lrowe_csp

    Help Needed to Make Quick Decision on Purchase

    Depends on whether you will tow heavy, or not. I have had a couple of 40s, an 80, 100 and now a 2014 200 series. No regrets at all with this purchase, best LC I have owned for quality build, handles great, and smooth power. If you don't need all of the torque of that 2500 duramax, the 200...
  5. lrowe_csp

    Adios Amigos!!!

    Hey Marine, hope to see back here again. Louis MSgt, USMC Ret
  6. lrowe_csp

    2014 Land Cruiser TRD Off Road build

    Looks great, nice work on the vinyl and smoke wrap detailing
  7. lrowe_csp

    300 series to offer twin turbo v6

    Thanks for posting that!
  8. lrowe_csp

    SOLD 100 series lugnuts, NoVA

    Yes, David, they are yours!
  9. lrowe_csp

    2013 LX570 Brakes

    I have a 2014 LC, so different braking system, but this may help some of you if it is an option. I was not happy with the original brakes on the LC, so I contacted Brian JOWETT on mud and ordered his Tundra Big Brake kit for the front. I have been told the 2016 LC got this same sized larger...
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  11. lrowe_csp

    SOLD Grant Steering Wheel to fit 40 series, NoVA

    Okay Ken! I just sent you a pm. Louis
  12. lrowe_csp

    SOLD  Grant Steering Wheel to fit 40 series, NoVA

    SOLD SOLD SOLD This all weather steering wheel works great on the 40 series. It includes the Grant horn insert, and the teq horn insert. It does not include the adapter, which is specific to the vehicle and can be purchased from Grant separately. $30 plus shipping. Louis
  13. lrowe_csp

    For Sale  100 series Lugnuts, brand new, NoVA

    I have three brand new Toyota OEM lugnuts, good for spare on swing out. $7 plus shipping (will fit small flat rate USPS box or padded mailer). Louis
  14. lrowe_csp

    SOLD  100 series lugnuts, NoVA

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have 23 OEM Toyota lug nuts to fit the 100 series. These are used, with slight corrosion where the lug wrench always dents them, but have much life left and threads are completely intact. $15 plus shipping (will fit a small flat rate USPS box). Louis,
  15. lrowe_csp

    09 LX570 many dash lights and VSC

    Pull the codes with the OBD reader. Post them up when you get them.
  16. lrowe_csp

    4lo trac off check engine

    Did you ever clean your MAF sensor? I had those same codes intermittently on my 49K 2014 and finally got a can of sensor cleaner and cleaned up the MAF. This was 8 months ago and the codes haven't come back since. About a 1 banana 5 minute job. Took longer to buy the cleaner than it did to...
  17. lrowe_csp

    Vehicle Starting Failure Diagnosis - Expert Help Needed

    EFI fuse? Even if it looks good, swap another in new one just to check...
  18. lrowe_csp

    '19 Sunroof Squeaking

    I had a squeak in the sunroof/upper console area of my 2014 200 series. I FINALLY figured out that the prinsu roof rack and wind deflector had changed the harmonics from the air pressure above the sunroof enough to cause the sunroof to move and down a couple times a second at highway speed...
  19. lrowe_csp

    YotaMD 200 Series Titanium Fob Shell Kit

    Thanks much. I do not know how many rounds of purchasers you have had, so for clarification, will the "worry free guarantee" include the first round of purchasers who ordered the logo free cases? Like everyone else here, I want to express my appreciation for your work on this product, as well...
  20. lrowe_csp

    Noise under vehicle after turning off engine.

    Interesting! Kind of a"Secret life of the land cruiser when no one is in the garage" thing...Thanks for posting that.
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