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  1. EvoE2

    Wanted  FJ45LV window felts/wipers and rear reflector gaskets

    Greetings mudders, I'm looking for the window felts/wipers (Inner and outer) for an FJ45LV The other post I found seem to have old part numbers from JCWhitney. Does anyone know a new part number or the specs of the ones previously used? These are the old numbers that I found ans seem to be...
  2. EvoE2

    Mobil 1 10w-30 Full Synthetic Mistery

    This is the story: I check the oil level in the morning before leaving my house and it was good. We went from Miami to Wildwood and returned the same day (500mi drive total) to visit a friend and the Oil Light began to come and go about 50 miles before getting to Wildwood until it stayed on ...
  3. EvoE2

    1FZ-FE Spark Plug Tube Gasket with wrong diameter?

    So the story goes like this: I went to the Toyota Dealer in Miami to buy 6 Spark Plug Tube Gaskets (P/N: 11193-15010) for a 1995 Land Cruiser. They gave me "the correct part number" but the outside diameter is too small (See attached picture) Did the dealer made a mistake? Thanks
  4. EvoE2

    Head bolt threads on new block not deep enough?

    Hello guys, I just bought a new 1FZ-FE block from Mr T. and had the head rebuild. Installed new OEM head gasket, bolts and washers following the FSM torque specs. After finishing the installation we turned on the engine for less than an hour and whent for a ride around the block the next day...
  5. EvoE2

    Antenna differences

    Hello Guys, I need to replace the power antenna on my LX450 but it seems to be discontinued The part number is 86300-60080 The antenna for the pre 97 Land Cruiser has another part number 86300-60050 and it seems to be available Does anyone know the difference between them? Would the Land...
  6. EvoE2

    OBD-II to a NON OBD-II

    Hey guys, this is my thing: I have a 2007 FZJ80 (From Venezuela) and it doesn't have the OBD-II connector Can it be added? From what I understand, it has 4 contacts (2, 4, 5 and 16) Would it be as easy as adding those 4 connectors? Where is that wiring going? What do you think? Thanks in...
  7. EvoE2

    Center Stop Light

    Hi guys, some of the LEDs on my Center Stop Light aren't working and I would like to get some advices on replacing them with new LED's Thanks in advance
  8. EvoE2

    Pre 96 scan tool?

    Hi guys, I have a 2007 FZJ80 (South America) and I was thinking about getting a Scan Tool but I checked and my LC doesn't have the plug for the OBD II tool. The only thing is the Diagnosis box in the engine bay Any ideas and/or recommendations for scanning? Thanks
  9. EvoE2

    Overheating... HELP!!!

    Hi guys, as you can see in the pictures I'm having troubles with overheating. I have made many mods and I'm still having this problem. The pictures were taken after 10 minutes of highway driving at about 50mph and the completely stopped in traffic I'm not sure but I think that the oil pressure...
  10. EvoE2

    Removing Fuel Injectors

    Hi there, does anyone knows any thread (Preferably with pictures) on how to remove the fuel injectors? Thanks in advance
  11. EvoE2

    Moulding Parts Number

    Hi people, does anybody knows the part numbers for the moulding stripe shown inside the orange rectangle? I'm looking for that part for both sides but the ones that comes WITH the hole for the side marker light The ones shown in the picture come without the holes Thanks in advance
  12. EvoE2

    US-Spec Transmission Cooler

    Hi guys, I need some info about the transmission cooler on the FZJ80 US version. Is that Cooler inside the lower tank from the engine radiator or it's just a air cooled separate unit? The thing is that I have a Non US Spec FZJ80 and it has only one transmission cooler inside the engine...
  13. EvoE2

    Fuel Injector impedance (ohms)

    Hi guys, I need some help with the fuel injector impedance. Does anyone knows what happens if I put injectors with a different impedance (High impedance of course)? Could I damage something or they could work? I know that the impedance on the stock fuel injectors on the 1FZ-FE engine is 13.4...
  14. EvoE2

    Transmission Strainer

    I need some info about the transmission strainer (Part No: 35330-60020) First of all, what does the strainer do? Is like a filter? Do I have to replace it? How often and how? What's the A442F oil capacity if I exchange the oil? Thanks
  15. EvoE2

    Help with Wide Band O2 sensor

    I need help with a wide band O2 sensor My S/C FZJ80 has just ONE O2 sensor before the catalytic converters (It doesn't have the 2nd O2 sensor that goes after the Cat converters) So I wanted to get a Wide Band O2 sensor but I don't know which one to get. If I get that new sensor where should I...
  16. EvoE2

    Supercharger, bigger injectors and Unichip

    Hi guys, have any of you tried changing the injectors on your 1FZ-FE? The thing is that I have a FZJ80 with a TRD S/C in South America. When I drive at approximately 2625 ft of altitude, the engine doesn't get overheat but when I go at 650 ft of altitude or less the engine temperature almost...
  17. EvoE2

    105 Series Bull Bar on an 80 Series

    Hi there, I created this thread because I would like to know if any of the ARB bull bars made for the Land Cruiser 105 Series (Front Live Axle) could fit the Land Cruiser 80 Series. I'm asking this because I've been reading (But not sure if it's true) that these two models use the same chassis...
  18. EvoE2

    FZJ80 Supercharger

    Hi guys, I'm interested in a supercharger for a 1997 FZJ80 Land Cruiser but I don't know what to do. I heard that Eaton's M90 works perfectly for the 1FZFE engine, but where I can get all the other installation parts. The guys at TRD told me that they don't sell separate parts. One more thing...
  19. EvoE2

    FZJ80 Supercharger

    Hi guys, I'm interested in a supercharger for a 1997 FZJ80 Land Cruiser but I don't know what to do. I know that Eaton makes the M90 that works perfectly for the 1FZFE engine, but where I can get all the other installation parts. The guys at TRD told me that they don't sell separate parts. One...
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